Nwobodo Returns To PDP, knocks Buhari


Former Governor of old Anambra State, Chief Jim Nwobodo has returned to People’s Democratic Party (PDP) after a two-year spell with All Progressives Congress (APC).

Nwobodo left PDP in 2016 to join the APC, which seized power from the PDP in 2015.

PDP members at Jim Nwobodo’s residence

The former Governor, who was a senator from 1999 to 2003, announced his return to PDP at his home in Amechi Awkunanaw on Friday.

Who said what at Jim Nwobodo’s house today

Read out of Remarks in order of delivery, at the country home of HE Gov. Jim Nwobodo in Amichi, Awkunanaw, Enugu,  10am to 1pm.

Dubem Onyia, (former Dep Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Representatives of old Anambra, from Enugu, Anambra and Abia have come to ask you to return a play your rightful role in PDP.  Given your status as elder statesman, we want you back in PDP

Nwobodo, Okeke

Chief SN Okeke

The reason why we are here is clear and dates back to 40 years before the political journey was terminated in December 1983.  We restated the journey in 1998 with G18 proclamation.  Then the G34 under ALEX Ekwueme and the CSO with a Jerry Gana as Secretary.  Ekwueme delivered the G34 document to Abacha.  G34 transmuted to PDP. Some of us here were there at Modotel Enugu.

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Something happened to cause your stepping aside. But as our people say you can’t destroy a house you built.  We are asking you to most respectfully step back into your house -PDP-  kindly come back a take back your seat.

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Prof. ABC Nwosu (PDP BoT)

 Once upon a time you told us to stay the course in PDP.  You have been constant where the Igbo spirit exist.  We are asking you to be with the Igbo people.

Eme Okoro, SSG Abia

I came for the reasons why we are here. Time we should be searching for our people.  Come back to us in PDP

Oseloka  H. Obaze  (Atiku/Obi Campaign Council, Anambra 

Our elders have spoken. Please come back to our people, and our party PDP to fix the house that you helped to build.

Chidi Ekwueme (2017 PDP Dep. Governorship Candidate, Anambra)

I represent gender and youth.  I recall the past. In the absence of Ekwueme, we can’t be fatherless.  Please Come back to us.  We need you. 

Ben Obi

It’s all be said. We can’t be separated.  You can’t stand apart from Ndigbo.  Recalled Jims role in Igbo post war renaissance and Rangers fame.  In absence of Ojukwu and Ekwueme,  we need you. Speak to us. 

HE Jim Nwobodo

Oral remarks

“Furthermore, Regretted not being invited to Zik’s mausoleum  commissioning.  We must follow an Igbo VPC Peter Obi – in our enlightened self-interest.   Ensuring equity and justice calls for accommodation.  I have no regret about returning to PDP.  I recall how Buhari as head of state jailed many second republic politicians giving them sentences of over 100 years each. “

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Formal remarks

Obaze and Senator Obi at Jim Nwobodo’s residence

“ I have a written statement  and thereafter will make additional oral remarks. When we formed PDP was in Kirikiri Prison, along with Alex Ekwueme and Bisi Akande my cell mate.  Nigerian politicians forget history.  My stepping aside from APC. At this stage of my life am an elder statesmen than a partisan politician. Iv3 served Nigeria in state and federal level with fair share of ups and downs and I’ve mad3 mistakes ÅBS can speak from experience on issues confronting Nigeria.  Economy, insecurity and dichotomy bwtwen tribe and arms of government these are symptoms or deep rooted issues that must be discussed as Democrats we must tell the present Udené the truth. I know how difficult it is to know true situation of tings.  Crisis evolves easily as APC member and democrat I was concerned as my fellow members boasted that the 2019 election was as good as won – I wondered how.  The desecration of the judiciary and legislature is dangerous; the

The ongoing attempt to rusticate and desecrate the judiciary by arresting the CJN is dangerous; I can’t be part of it, PBM must stop this desecration and respect the rule of law.  No genuine investor will come to a country where the judiciary is made fun of . My expectation is to be hopeful for our people, the disparity of former leaders will not be the way to groom and mentor the 5he young.

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On the return to democracy in 1999, I was one of the founding fathers of PDP, we agreed on rotation between north and south to strike a balance. Obasanjo took first shot and handed to Yar’Adua, followed by Jonathan.  Of the three southern zone only the SE is yet to produce a president. It’s been our hope that Nigerians will Rally in support a president emerging from the SE.  I had hope that the route to igbo presidency would be via APC but comment by top APC official was rankling.  Igbo and PDP leaders approached me to return, some of you ate part of Ohaneze – it’s difficult for me to ignore such calls.  That Atiku named an igbo man his Vp candidate means I can’t stay away. 

Nwobodo continued: ”We will now go to to the next level after the Vp slot.  I’m with the Igbo and I will be with them always.

Let me say the as an Igbo Nigerian born in Lafia, Schooled in Zaria and attended University of Ibadan and thought at Kings College Lagos, I’m a full Nigerian.

I succeeded in bringing Zik and Awo in my residence in Enugu as a governor.  They met over lunch.  For the first time in many years.

Thanks you. I’m back to PDP”. 

Local Enugu PDP officials present were:

PDP local chieftain present is Enefulu Monday, Chair Enugu South PDP;  Okorie Joseph Chidiebere, PDP Chair Ward 10;, Ene Daniel Chikwendu Chair Ward 12; Paul Mba, Ward 8 Chiar;  Okwudili Ideani, Ward 1 Chair and  Prince  Chukwuemeka, Chair Enugu East LGA

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