MC Oluomo As Tinubu’s Template For Success- Chief Lateef K. Saaka (Asoju)

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Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu

It is no longer news that the Vice Chancellor of Oshodi School of thuggery Mr Musiliu Akinsanya also known as MC Oluomo has been appointed as part of the 20-man committee to employ 20,000 Lagosians for the Federal Government’s short term job being facilitated by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity. It is no doubt that giving such a huge task to MC Oluomo has confirmed our worst fears that the race to recruit, oil and sustain the political thuggery machinery for 2023 elections has kick started in earnest. Folks who should be behind bars are daily courted by those in power in Lagos and primed as important personalities just for debased political gains.

Stack illiterates and touts like Musiliu Akinsanya (MC Oluomo) lives larger than life like a pop star in Lagos, He moves around town in Police escorts and makes University Professors go green of envy, that is how far Tinubu has succeeded in empowering a thug. Curiously also, the Nigerian Police under the current leadership has consistently kept a blind eye to MC Oluomo’s total abuse, disregard and misuse of the Nigerian Police personnel attached to him. (what he ought not to even enjoy ab initio).

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The crafty Tinubu ceded the gold mine and the biggest revenue stream of the State Government- transport levies to MC Oluomo, Folashade Tinubu-Ojo (Iyaoloja) and his gang in order to retain their political support, as if that was not enough; MC’s and Folashade Tinubu-Ojo name were smuggled into the list of those to recruit 20,000 Lagosians for the Federal Government. If the maxim that ‘you can only attract what you represent’ is still valid, then one could only imagine the quality and caliber of people that he would employ on behalf of the Federal Government. The poser is this? What qualifies MC Oluomo to be appointed to the committee that will supervise employment of young people who cherish the dignity of Labour? As a man who epitomizes wealth without work, he is a colossal misfit for such an assignment.

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This absurdity gets the approval and backing of Lagos politics strongman who MC Oluomo has severally referred to as his ‘Daddy’. When MC Oluomo was attacked by fellow thugs at the flag off of the Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s campaign at Ikeja in 2018, it became the biggest news of the day as chieftains of the ruling party scampered around to save his life for their own selfish reasons. Lately it can be observed that MC Oluomo is being consciously rebranded and painted to the world as a ‘repentant saint’ with many photoshopped pictures of him being brandished all over Lagos. MC’s rise to power, influence and fame is one of the greatest disservice that Tinubu has done to the Yoruba race, the Omoluabi ethos of the race has been exchanged for political exigencies, he is building a society where knowledge and education takes the back seat while rascality and miscreants are openly rewarded and politically patronized. Whoever approves the name of MC Oluomo as part of the committee is infamously presenting him as a template for young people to emulate, this template can only produce more Huspuppies.

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MC Oluomo in his wisdom also knows that violence does not pay. That was what must have informed his smart decision to relocate and educate his children far away from Nigeria in some of the best schools around the world with Lagos money, he simply doesn’t want to hand over his bad legacies to his children. Tinubu and his acolytes cannot be raking in billions of our collective patrimony through their agents both in government and outside of it and further unleash this aberration on our sensibilities. Lagos indigenes are not fools and useful idiots.This insult must STOP!

Copied from Bashir Alao’s facebook wall

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