Langtang General Hospital is a monument managed by 2 doctors, lacking drugs, manpower


From Francis Nansak

A visit to the general hospital langtang ,in langtang North local government area of Plateau state,is a dread instead of the anticipated medical care to depend on.

Established in the early 70’s when late G.D Gomwalk,was the Governor of the then Benue -Plateau state.

But the success story that once was hailed by residence of Langtang local government area,has rather leaves sceptism and hopelessness in the minds of those in dire need of medical attention.

According to some patients,name withheld,who were at the general hospital,they have to wait for hours before the only doctor (MS) attend to them.

” We sometimes leave the hospital unattended due to the fact that the MS himself would have been exhausted and even in the event of drugs prescription the drugs are not readily available in the pharmacy.

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” Worst of all is that some retired soldiers who brought in their patient today into the emergency unit of the hospital could not bear the waiting for that long a time and had to revert to seeking a private clinic in order to save the live of their colleague” The source lamented.

The worrying state of the general hospital did not just stop at what residents decried as lack of professsional medical workers or shortage of manpower,but the entire hospital lacks basic medical equipment and the the condition of the wards is an eyesore.

Although efforts by some past and serving political office holders , especially those representing the local government at various levels made towards rejigging the general hospital to an appreciative medical outfit did not add much value because government on her part has not done much towards bettering or equiping the hospital to offer the desire health care services.

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