Insecurity: Build 3 strong towers to win the war, Primate Ayodele advises Nigerian military


By Collins Nkwocha

The fight against insecurity is one uphill task that has confronted the Nigerian military, with a series of ambushes and devastating attacks, it looks as if the military were getting annihilated by the terrorists and the bandits. Nigerians seem to have lost hope in the fight against insecurity because it had lingered for years.

There’s hope for the Nigerian military as the number one prophet in Africa, Primate Elijah Ayodele has prognosticated that the Nigerian military will win the war against insecurity, “Tinubu has the best services chiefs, God has given them all that is required to help Tinubu end insecurity in Nigeria, though the bandits and terrorists are still planning very deadly attacks the Nigerian military will overcome, they should build three strong towers to checkmate further attacks from the terrorists”.

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Terrorists and bandits declared war against Tinubu’s government as he said “No” to payment of ransom, ever since they have been carrying out deadly attacks and abductions in the quest of making things uncomfortable for him.

2 thoughts on “Insecurity: Build 3 strong towers to win the war, Primate Ayodele advises Nigerian military

  1. I comment the Nigerian Military to be courageous in fighting the insecurity that is so alarming in this country without looking back,believing that their efforts will never go unrewarding

  2. The fight against insecurity in Nigeria seem impossible but I encourage the Nigerian military not to give up hope for all their efforts and sacrifices will pay off sooner🙏

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