Confessions of Enugu Mass Murderer: Why My Sponsors Wanted to Eliminate Me After Killing 40 Persons


Eight years after the massacre of April 25, 2016, that left no less than 40 persons dead in Nimbo in the Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu State, the only person who was convicted for the mass murder, Mohamed Zurai, has confessed to his participation in the crime.

But he said he was complicit to the crime to the extent of video recording the killings and not killing anyone.

He spoke to our correspondent during an undercover operation in Enugu Correctional Center where he is waiting for the hangman’s noose.

Justice Anthony Onovo of the Nsukka Division of Enugu State High Court had, on May 17, 2023, pronounced the death sentence on him.

The murderer was among five suspects arraigned on May 9, 2017 for the mass murder in Nimbo on April 25, 2016.
They were charged with murder contrary to Section 274 (1) of the Criminal Code Cap 30 Vol II of the Revised Laws of Enugu State of Nigeria 2004.

Zurai was the prime suspect whose cell phone was found to have recorded the Nimbo killings.

Delivering judgment on the matter on May 17, 2023, Justice Onovo said, “In all, the only person who has been shown to have participated in the killing at Nimbo community on 25/4/2016 is the 1st defendant, Mohammed Zurai.

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“He is hereby convicted as charged. The 2nd defendant (Alhaji Ciroma Musa) and the 3rd defendant (Sale Adanmu) not having been found guilty are hereby discharged and acquitted.”

According to him, many went for the operation but he used his phone to do a video recording of the killings in his image also appeared in the video as a selfie.

He disclosed that sponsors of the killings wanted to eliminate him while in prison custody, alleging that some persons were offered N300,000 to kill him so that he would not live to tell the story of what happened but that the request was turned down.

The murderer, who said there were over 20 that carried out the operation, however, denied killing anybody at Nimbo but said he was behind his colleagues and that his only job was to record the killings.

Zurai wondered why only he was convicted while his friends who were arraigned with him also participated in the operation but were freed.

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He, therefore, pleaded for the telephone number of this reporter so that he could communicate with him afterwards since he agreed to help him get a lawyer who could appeal his death sentence.
Zuari looked 30 years old and fair in complexion.

MACBAN disowns fresh attack

Meanwhile, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, has dissociated itself from the suspected herdsmen’s attack on the Nimbo community around the anniversary of the 2016 incident.

The latest attack came on Sunday, April 28 2024 and killed four members of the community.

The attack, which occurred at Ugwuijoro community where villagers had gathered to mourn the dead, also left many injured.
Reports had it that a member of the community was also shot dead at the nearby Opanda community, three days before the Nimbo incident.

The people of Uzo-Uwani LGA allege that there are many herdsmen camps around Ugboda, Adani and Opanda in the council area because of the thick forests there.

Governor Peter Mbah described the attack as unacceptable, vowing that the government would track down and bring the attackers to book.

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Mbah footed the medical bills of the wounded people and awarded scholarships and jobs to bereaved family members while the Nimbo community asked the state government to strengthen their neighbourhood watch group.

MACBAN, dissociating itself from the attack, accused native security operatives of killing their members in the South-East.
National Deputy Director General of the group, Gidado Siddiki, who made the allegation, said their members and livestock had been targeted while he exonerated herdsmen of any wrongdoing in the zone, blaming kidnappings and other crimes committed in the bush and farmland in the zone on criminals.

Sidikki lamented that their markets had been indiscriminately destroyed under the guise of rooting out criminality, with no evidence of wrongdoing found on them, stating that even in the remote areas where they graze cattle, they face increasing threats from criminals without a response from the government or local leadership.

He appealed to the state governments in the South-East and leaders of host communities to recognize them as strategic stakeholders and refrain from “unfounded” attribution of wrongdoing to every herdsman out there. (Vanguardngr)

9 thoughts on “Confessions of Enugu Mass Murderer: Why My Sponsors Wanted to Eliminate Me After Killing 40 Persons

  1. Name:Oji Chinaza
    Reg no:2018123017

    The Enugu Massacre is a tragic and devastating event that resulted in the loss of many innocent lives. The confession of a mass murderer involved in this atrocity is a disturbing and thought-provoking topic. The reasons behind such a heinous act could be complex and multifaceted, potentially involving factors like ideology, revenge, or manipulation by external influences.

  2. The confessor should call the names of his sponsors so that the will be known and this evil will reduce in this country called Nigeria.

    1. It is obvious that corruption has being the order of the everyday’s activities in this country, in other words, the confessor should be detained by the law enforcement agencies to make him speak in other for justice to be served.

  3. Sentencing only one person to death is not enough for all the lifes that were lost that day when the sponsors are out there,the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria need to locate the sponsors of this Enugu massacre and bring them to justice.

  4. This is a clear example of how the powerful try to silence those who dare to speak out.

    1. Name :miracle chimamanda oraeke
      Reg number:2018123025
      This is not fair,and is clear and open corruption, why will they arrested only one person and free the other, Justice need to be served, to stop all the corruption happening around us.

  5. Justice must be served, but it’s disturbing that only one person was convicted for such a heinous crime. The truth needs to come out.

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