Wike, it’s too early to cry, I warned you against making Fubara the governor –Prophet Ikuru


By Collins Nkwocha

The prophetic hall of fame, prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry has spat the former Rivers governor and the current minister of the FCT, Nyesom Wike for refusing to listen to his prophetic warning concerning making Fubara the governor of Rivers state.

The prophet who is known all over the world for his accurate and precise prophecies prognosticated and told Wike not to make Fubara the governor. He said “When Wike endorsed Fubara as the next governor of Rivers state, I sent him a message and told him not to make Fubara the governor, Fubara will not give him the loyalty that he’s looking for, Fubara was going to give him problems, is that not happening now? it’s too early to cry, it’s too early to regret, it’s too early to call your wise man’s action a mistake because you have not seen anything yet from Fubara”.

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The handsome prophet reiterated that many prophets in Nigeria give prophecies because they want money but God has given him wealth and he is not interested in anyone’s money ” God has blessed me with wealth, by the grace of God, I’m a billionaire I’m not looking for your money, why ignore my prophecy, I’m not one of those hungry prophets that tell lies in name of God so that you can give them money, God has blessed me with immense wealth”.

The prophet maintained that he doesn’t even need the money of a governor because it’s meager for his status and caliber “What will I do with the money of a governor? when top clubs, players, WWE superstars, boxers in the world do call me to ascertain their fate before matches and bouts”.

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The handsome prophet has several fulfilled prophecies; in 2001, he prophesied that Nollywood would experience serious calamities and tragedies if they don’t turn to God, we can all see how they are dying mysteriously, he prophesied the climatic disasters in Oman and UAE, the death of the Queen of England and the sickness of King Charles that will not make him reign for long.

He advised Wike to concentrate on the renewed hope agenda of the president and better the lives of the people living in the FCT because he’s no longer the governor of Rivers State, he is now the FCT minister, which is his new mandate.

14 thoughts on “Wike, it’s too early to cry, I warned you against making Fubara the governor –Prophet Ikuru

  1. Why would Wike not concentrate on his position as a Minister and allow the governor to do his job? Is not obvious that Wike is greedy. This issue of Godfatherism has to stop in this country.

  2. Wike rigged the election to favour APC in river state and he installed the new governor there, well all i can see is karma besides this godfatherism system of governance is crippling our economy. Wike should rest please.

  3. I wish wike is the next only person to suffer from he’s action because he is not just starting from the time of Peter Obi . He plays politics with a dirty mindset

  4. Winki should allow the Governor to do his work after all when he was the Governor no body controlled his dealings

  5. I wish there can be a stop to this godfathering system of governance in this country because is really causing a problem. Wike should let the governor breeet

  6. The system of Godfathering is disaster in Nigerian politics,in Fubara and wike’s case I think there was a brigde of agreement between the both parties In this case wike should just concentrate on the FCT and leave Rivers state alone because Fubara played him a mind game from Day 1

  7. Wike is Authoritarian and dictatorial in his leadership style. The prophet claims to have accurately predicted future events and attributes his wealth to God’s blessing. While some may view his claims as credible, others may approach them with skepticism.

  8. What is playing out in river state is simply politics of godfatherism. Wike should free Fubara and focus on his own position as minister of FCT.

  9. Governor Simi Fubara shouldn’t be ungrateful to the hands that feed him. The fight is uncalled for and as such the governor should just apologize to his boss and move on.

  10. I think Wike should forget everything, and concentrate on his own position, the deal has been done, Governor Simi Fubara is now the governor, he should be allowed to take his own decisions. Humans are like that sometimes, they tend to forget those that place them where they are.

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