Group says Re-Introduction Of Toll Gate Continued Marginalization Of the Igbo Man

Toll Gate

Re -establishment of Toll Gate in Nigeria with South East Zone of Highest 56 Number , is a call for Disintegration of Nigeria due to continued Naked Igbo Phobic Rule of Buhari’s Government , an Igbo Group Thunders .

 Toll Gate
Toll Gate

An Igbo Group, Voice from the East –VEAST, has lampooned the government of Buhari for re-introduction of Toll gate in Nigeria which was stopped by Olusegun Obasanjo’s Regime. The group maintained explicitly that Toll Gate was the making of military regime which Muhammadu Buhari was part of , which rather than profiting Nigeria and Nigerians, was a conduit pipe for the political class and the well-connected to ride roughshod on the economic purse of Nigerians everywhere. The group went hard on the protagonists of the Tollgate – return, and particularly the Minister of Works whose Ministry churned out the fiendish gamble that enslaves Nigerians again, and wonders why somebody of the like of Babatunde Fashola would allow himself to be so used by the clique of religionists calling the shot at Aso Rock, who really are green horns in all ramifications of good governance and democratic ethos , but religious bigotry.

While addressing journalists over the weekend on the issue, the Convener of the Group , Comrade Kindness Jonah , noted that the distribution of the number of the said Tollgates round the Nation is a clear sign that Igbos are still covertly and overtly hated in all fora in Nigeria , adding rather pitiably that Nigerian nation has continually maintained Igbo phobic governance from 1970 January 12 till date .

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‘ ‘ ‘ How can one justify the satanic distribution of Toll gate in Nigeria where a particular section is given, 56 and is the smallest in land mass, while the largest section in land mass is given the lowest number ? Toll gate if it exists , is meant to increase as the expanse of land increases because many places are connected .But in Nigeria’s case, the reverse is the case .

If Buhari’s government justifies this shear hatred of Igbos on population rather than land mass as it should be, then one is tempted to query the usually overblown population of the North relative to the South, which should rather attract more number of Toll gates to the North, and the least to South East , because this is the Zone they never can agree is more populated , and the census is always manipulated to favour them than the South , particularly the Igbo states. Toll gate is simply an islamic jizya , meaning tax against conquered territories in islamic parlance, which is cooked up as a lead by the garden path , but most ironically called Tollgate .

What other justification exists outside islamic connotation to justify this demonically humongous number of extortionists in Igbo land relative to other Zones, especially the North East and North West ? ’’’

Going further to query this manipulated lacuna, Comrade kindness Jonah noted with analytical insight that ‘‘ when it comes to number of states, Igbos are given the least; when it comes to number of local government areas, Igbos are given the least ; when it comes to number of ministers, Igbos are given the least; when it comes to employment , Igbos are given the least; when it comes to service chiefs, Igbos are rarely given even one; when it comes to sharing national patronages, Igbos are reminded inadvertently that they lost the war , despite Gowon’s deceptive proclamation of no victor , no vanquished. BUT when it comes to generation of money for the federal purse, Igbos are partitioned to the largest enclaves as booths of tax collection and recovery , as the present Toll gate saga portrays . ’’ Speaking further , Comrade Jonah said :

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‘‘‘‘ No federal road in the South East is correctly built as they are all impassable: Enugu-Port Harcourt ; Enugu-Onitsha; Onitsha-Owerri-Port Harcourt; Enugu- Abakaliki-Afikpo-Okigwe-Owerri- Aba. Play of politics is the know –it- all of all the federal governments to Igbo land roads so far since the war ended in 1970.

When Igbo children score the highest in JAMB and Federal Unity Schools , federal character principle is used against them , and they are dropped, while their counterparts in other zones are accommodated even with extreme far less results justified on the islamic balance wheel of educationally less disadvantaged states . Who disadvantaged the so – called North relative to the South , particularly the South East when on the contrary, it is the same North that has been ruling right from independence in 1960 till date, and no Igbo man has ruled ?

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When it comes to distributing posts in the military and police, federal character comes to play to disadvantage the Igbos; when it comes to employment in federal minis tries and parastatals, federal character and who –do- you- know, are tactically played against the Igbo person ; when it comes to recruitment in the military and police, Igbos are checked by federal character principle.

BUT when it comes to being posted to bokoharam areas, Igbo soldiers and police personnel are drafted to go without complaint, to die for fatherland , while Northern soldiers and police personnel are drafted to Igboland to be cruising their lives in enjoyments even as their Igbo counterparts are strategically sent to die in the various war fronts in the islamic North .

The irony in the military is that Igbos soldiers in clear majority in the bokoharam –isis war fronts, are commandeered by muslim Northern soldiers NEVER to shoot at bokoharam WITHOUT approval by the commander who is always a muslim, which clearly points to the religious undertones of the fruitless and futile war against bokoharam which is 100%-islamic, being supported by the powers that be rather intently subcutaneously. ’’’’

VEAST wonders what the hope of the Igbo person is in Nigeria in the present scenario , and called for 100%- RESTRUCTURING OF NIGERIA if Igbos were to stay in Nigeria and leave the justified Biafra struggle .

What are your thoughts?

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