Finally The Secrets behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s success Been Disclosed.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest player of all times as well known,its quite evident through several occasions and achievement and yet Cristiano Ronaldo is claiming to be turning young as he age .

Age is just a number like any other ,”Ronaldo says following a recent interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He has constantly performed without hesitation despite move from laliga giants Real Mandrid to Juventus in Italy managing to score 28 goals and 11 assist this season.

Many have been wondering how he manage to perform in such a manner despite aging deliberately.

He is now 35yrs old as per now playing in Juventus,his outstanding effort in training keeps him fit physically.

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Cristiano Ronaldo tactics and experience for a long period of time has been an added advantage to his team mate “He is a very hard working and experienced player ,guess he is the best striker in the world ,”Paulo Dybala says.

http://Finally The Secrets behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s success Been Disclosed.

“Whenever i get to the training group i find him there and he is the last man to leave the training group,”Higuain says.

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