Ekwulobia crisis gets to Abuja, after Rev Ezeike humiliation


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The lingering leadership crisis in Ekwulobia Community is tearing Agba village apart with the President General of Ekwulobia Dev Union “EDU” Rev Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeike on the receiving end.

On 29th August, 2020, Rev Ezeike was dragged to Abuja on allegations of kidnapping among others offenses by some people in the community after he was humiliated at the gate of Ekwulobia police station months ago.

www.odogwublog.com recalls that at the gate of the Ekwulobia Police Station they shouted on him and said he stole their share of rice which he officially received from the state govt as covid19 relief for his village.

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President General, Ekwulobia Dev Union “EDU” Rev Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeike humiliated by Agba village protesters at the gate of Ekwulobia police station

His Church was earlier sealed off with palm fronds “OMU” which traditionally means “NO HUMAN TRESPASS” or “NO GO AREA” or “OUT OF BOUND” .

He is accusing opposition members allegedly from EPA of Championing the assault.

He is worried that the intimidation is being stretched to intimidate him yet the security agencies aren’t arresting them.

He is equally worried on the stand of Ekwulobia Indigenous Clergy Peace Group especially as their member’s Church was unlawfully sealed and nothing was done ?

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This crisis is deteriorating…

However , there is a respite as the IGP monitoring team who received the petition written by Agba Community Executive petition to IGP Monitoring unit was written by Agba Community after deliberating on the case and called for an undertaking from Agba Executive.

The undertaking was allegedly signed by the Secretary and Vice Chairman Agba Development union, and they assured that the trouble would not raise it’s ugly head again.

Again, the contentious bags of rice are still packed at the Ekwulobia police station.

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