The evil and wicked pastor, Pastor Tunde Bakare. was in a meeting where they were debating that Igbo People are buying up too much property in Lagos State. And what they will do to stop Igbos from buying up more properties in Lagos.

In other words he attended a meeting where they’re debating a plan to take over your properties in Lagos. Think about that for a moment. That might not be the first time he’s attended such a meeting.

For me the way he said it, he didn’t even intend to make those Revelation. The words just came out of his mouth.
It was such meetings that Obasanjo, El-Rufai And other northern leaders hosted in Abuja before El-Rufai started the demolition of Igbo properties in Abuja, in the name of Abuja master plan. Some of you are too young to remember.

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It was such meetings that Awolowo organized, and afterwards, stole all our parents money with a pen, and gave them £20 each. Today the people they buried and gave £20 are buying up Mansions and estates in Lagos. It’s a good thing, but we must think. In their next meeting they may or may not invite Pastor Bakare again because of that video. Hope you now understand why suddenly a market or a business district dominated by Igbos in Lagos will suddenly go up in flames. They will say the fire was caused by generator fumes.

“Pipeline explosions” in Igbo dominated estates in Lagos are a product of such meetings. Such accidents and generator fumes are usually discussed in such meetings. When we tell you people that as an Ìgbo person you’re despised beyond your own imagination.

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You didn’t do anything wrong but you’re despised. And for your safety and that of your generations to be guaranteed, for you to sleep with your two eyes closed, you need an independent Biafra.

No shortcuts. No matter how you hate Nnamdi kanu. No matter how you pretend, no matter how many yoruba and hausa-fulani friends that you have, that is the absolute Truth. Mind you when they say Igbo, They mean, Igbo, Ibibio, Efik, ijaw, And all the people of the old Eastern region.

What are your thoughts?

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