But for the sake of setting the records straight, I wouldn’t have commented on a matter that is embedded in insignificance, trivialities and trifles.
Coupled with the fact that we are in the era of accountability and probity and I hope in earnest that Nigerians should be more committed towards governance cognizance even higher than being witnessed contemporarily.

Under the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy as couched under chapter II of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as (Amended) security and welfare of Nigerians are guaranteed as of Right but the law does not still allow us seek redress in a court of law upon violation,that is upon non-perfomance if we errornously elect the wrong person into office I reference Archbishop Okogie v. Attorney General of Lagos State (1981)
so we may have to wait until next election period to reverse our decision or for law makers we may embark on the cumbersome voyage of recall which has only proven to be homilies and beautiful sermons without implementations, that is to say a public office holder may choose not to perform with impunity, just like we have been seeing them before now.

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Coincidentally, as I was leaving his Excellency Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s office this afternoon he asked me, Agbaeze, have you seen the road?he continued, other things are coming up soonest because the job I have come to do here is of priority to me” and I deliberately asked,which road Your Excellency,sir? He relied, the one from Amokwe called Uzo rubber or are you no more from Item?

I roundly but respectfully asked him,aha! Distinguished Senator, with due respect sir,who is doing that road sir? and he said to me,so you no longer know our projects in the budget that I have been talking about since.Go and check the list again.

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I intentionally sparked off this communication between us towards that perspective just to reaffirm what I already know, while he asked me an exciting question which I should have just answered without equivocations and without stressing him.

Please let me respectfully reiterate here that His Excellency,Sen.Orji Kalu still runs his traditional open door policy without discriminating against any person that wants to see him.

You may walk in straight to his office and ask him,if you still need to hear from him for any clarification concerning any of the projects.

Please make no mistake or misrepresentation about it,our Senator attracted the “Uzo rubber” project, similar project was concurrently determined at Aro Ikpa to the favor of Abia North,to the accolades of Seen.Kalu and to the glory of God.

While I totally understand and align to the fact that the very essence of Government is the well being of the people, however let’s also not down play the fact that our Senator is very proactive, sagacious with dexterity and adroit Ness he also has the political good will across all divides, he is ready to continue to offer quality representation.

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It cannot be reasonably contended that
Abia North is blessed with a fit and proper Senator this time not a “persona non grata” representative, like they say in diplomatic relations.

Here in Abuja, I personally see many constituents from other senatorial districts across the nation envying us daily.

Sen.Kalu is currently correcting the narrative of the relatively inept and imaginary effective representation that had subsumed our system for decades.

Remain blessed Abia North.

Agbaeze N.U.Okocha
Item ward B

What are your thoughts?

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