Commissioners, Bankers, others trapped as flood takes over Rockland estate in Anambra


Lawrence Nwimo, Awka

Commissioners, Bankers, Business tycoons and other high profiled individuals are presently counting their losses following a recent flood menace that is fast submerging Ngozika Estate Rockland in Awka reports

Some present and past government functionaries are residents of Ngozika Estate where the said flood is causing havoc, leading to the loss of property worth billions of naira. gathered that the flooding which has been an annual occurrence reappeared this year after a recent torrential rainfall in the state. Repeated downpours have not helped the situation as some of the residents have already fled their homes for fear of being caged by the flood.

In a video which is currently trending on different social media platforms, some parts of the estate especially phase II have been affected, while other residential areas have already been covered by water.

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A source from the area said it has been a situation of “after rains come flood.”

The source who said he owns a house in the estate said he was ignorant of the situation of the place when he bought land from the state government through Rockland Development Company Ltd, an estate firm in the state for his building.

According to him, “we bought land from Anambra State Housing Development Corporation through Rockland Development Company Ltd.

“Residents here are some of the highest tax payers of the state. From Present and past Perm Secs to House members, Commissioners to top Politicians and captains of industries.

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“The flooding has been on since we moved in in 2018. People who lived before us claimed to know, but never told us till we saw it.

“Property worth Hundreds of Millions have been destroyed. Some people have even abandoned their property because of the flooding. Even parts of Ngozika Estate phase 1 is affected.”

Proffering solution to the annual menace, he urged the Anambra State government to consider clearing or disilting the canal that separates the two phases of the estate. He also appealed to Governor Chukwuma Soludo to construct a canal like the other administration have done with Iyiagu Canal.

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“The temporary solution is clearing or desilting the canal that separates the 2 phases of Ngozika Estate. The permanent solution is construction of a canal like the other administrations have done with Iyiagu Canal.”

Recall that Anambra, like several other states in the country, experienced devastating floods between September and October last year. The flood incidents affected seven of the 21 local government areas in the state.

Apart from flood disasters capable of causing physical damage to structures, social dislocation, contamination of clean drinking water and spread of waterborne diseases, it subjects residents to serious economic loss and psychological trauma.

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