Deaconess Marvellous Chinwe Mgbeafulike: An Evangelist with excess capacity by Tim Anikpe


Today isn’t her birthday but permit me to say a few things about this very special lady in our midst.

A lady who has carved a very enviable niche for herself right from our days in school. The challenge here is that I do not have the eloquent lexis, the fluid grammar, and flowery words in my repertoire to paint a deserving picture of this personality. The much I can do is to hazard an attempt though. I am talking about a lady of class, elegance, quality, panache, and finesse. She is beautifully pretty, her heart is made of gold and her smile divine.

There’s virtually no one who rejoices with and for others as much as she does and she sees the best in everyone. Her belief in people is unparalleled and she always chooses to find and to look at the bright sides of people even in the thickest obscurity. She has earned everyone’s respect by her strength of character, sincerity of purpose and precise direction in pursuit. She simply is a concatenation of glorious virtues subsumed in flesh and blood.

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This platform is so blessed with men and women of value. We have got almost everything any composition of a people needs to attain the highest heights of endeavor almost effortlessly, yet in all of these, this lady of uncommon qualities stands tall. Sure she’s got an intimidating physical height but her towering dispositions vis a vis qualities far outweigh her comely physiognomy.

Deaconess Marvellous Chinwe Mgbeafulike

Who is this lady we are talking about? She is a writer, she is a businesswoman, she is a preacher of the Gospel, she is a motivational speaker, she is a social influencer, and she is role model to many. She is a blogger with a difference who uses her platform to transform lives and positively impact the society. She is a doting wife to her darling husband, and a caring mother to her children. Her milk of kindness trickles down to everyone and anyone that comes close by and stretches farther than eyes can see. She knows no boundaries in showing the love of God.

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Talk about a virtuous woman!
In this noble platform, as she was christened by Hon. Okwuoto, she is our very own Evangelist with excess capacity. She is Marvellous Chinwe Mgbeafuluike.

Since the inception of this group, Evangelist, Deaconess Marvellous has handled our finances with unparalleled honesty, dedication, and openness. We have been able to get this far not just because of the tranquility she daily assures and guarantees us knowing that our finances are intact, but majorly because of the common knowledge that we are insured in her assurance.

I am not a prophet, but I hear her name in the higher places of greater influence soon. Our country will need exceptionally upright people like her, and she will be preferred. Definitely, and assuredly we are in for better times because ‘Things can only getter’.

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Thank you Lady Marvellous for the prices of consecration and sacrifice you paid and still paying to get to where you are today. Surely there has never been a meaningful life built on an easy street. Thank you for all you do. We love you tremendously. You are just irreplaceable.

Tim Anikpe is maintaining social distancing in Lagos.

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