The beautiful Sabina Nwadike by Tim Anikpe

The way and manner by which the dawn appeared today, gently piercing through the thick while easing smoothly from yesterday’s dusk, accompanied by some sort of melodious musings of a nightingale easily revealed to the discerning that surely its a good day. An anniversary of one of the brightest stars of this platform.

A day that heralded the beginning of the earthly existence of an extremely beautiful and attractive queen. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the birthday of our very own Sabina Nwadike.

She was one of the most unconventional ladies around during our undergraduate days. She set and lived by her own rules and standards all through.

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Sabina Nwadike.

Very few people, if any can come out and say they chose Sabina as their friend. No, she was the boss lady who chose her own friends by herself, and she didn’t have plenty. She knew exactly what she wanted in people and most times she had her way.

Easily one of the most quiet and gentle people in class, Sabina was never ready to lower her standards to the whims and caprices of any lecturer or student in a bid to win one favour or the other.

Her intelligence definitely was her covert assurance as she was sure to make good grades at the end of the day. Sure she did after all, and it paid off.

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Today, this lady of steel has effortlessly etched her name in gold at the market place with particular emphasis at the finance and banking industry. Sabina is a well determined lady that never runs out of ideas. Hence her rapid and steady rise in her chosen career.

The good thing is that she has brought to bear, her cornucopia of experiences and expertise into this platform and things are getting better. Egwu ebidosiafu.

Happy birthday beautiful Sabina. We celebrate you today and always dear.

Tim Anikpe is locked down in Lagos.

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