Breaking: Confusion in Anambra over unapproved schools as parents, guardians worry over student fate

The Ministry of Basic Education, Anambra State has recently published the list of unapproved private schools in Anambra State. Please go through to ensure that your children’s schools are not enlisted.

The Ministry of Basic Education has announced that the schools underlisted shall not be allowed to register for major exams nationally. According to the public announcement;

“The Public is hereby informed that the under listed are illegal and unapproved schools and thus not allowed to operate in the State. The pupils and students in the schools run the risk of being excluded in any State or national examinations such as Transition Placement Exams. First school Leaving Certificate Exams, Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE), Senior School Certificate Exams (WAEC/NECO) etc.

Proprietors of such schools are advised in their own interest to adhere strictly to this directive of closure of the schools. They face the risk of apprehension by the law enforcement agencies.

Parents who send their children to these schools are hereby advised to withdraw them forthwith. They should make alternate arrangements to place their children in State approved schools.”


S/N Name Of School Location/Address

  1. Ave Maria Nursery & Primary School Umuagu Nnewi
  2. Beacon Light Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  3. Bernice Model Schools Otolo, Nnewi
  4. Bethel N/P School Nnewi Erne Court Rd. Nnewi
  5. Bethesda Pavillion Academy Edoji Uruagu Nnewi
  6. Blessed Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  7. Blosom Peace P/N Sch. Umuanuka Otolo Nnewi After Nitel.
  8. Bright Future N/P Sch Akaboukwu Uruagu Nnewi (Along Nkwo To Nkwo)
  9. Bright Mind Nursery & Primary School Okpuno Nnewichi Nnewi
  10. Cedars N/P Sch N/P Sch Umudim Nnewi, Along Ozubulu Rd. Nnewi
  11. Chris Elect Peculiar Schools Akabo Umuenem Otolo Nnewi
  12. Christ Seed N/P Umuchimkwa, Nnewi
  13. Christ The Lords N/P Sch No, 24 Ezeamaukwu Street Inyaba Umudim Nnewi
  14. Crown Of Glory Nursery & Primary School Obiofia Nnewichi Nnewi
  15. D Rushsah Royal Academy Uru Umudim Nnewi
  16. Daniel Foundation Schools Ndiakwu Otolo Nnewi
  17. De Golden Lion N/P Sch. No. 13 Iloka Street Umudim Nnewi
  18. De Royal Great Sound Mind N/P School
  19. Destiny Foundation N/P School Okpunoegbu, Umudim
  20. Divine Beauty Gift Int’l N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
  21. Divine Cedars N/P Sch. 100 Foot Rd, Uruagu Nnewi
  22. Divine Excel Unique Nursery & Primary School Edoji Umuagu Nnewi
  23. Divine Favour N/P Sch. Nnewi
  24. Divine Favour Unique N/P Sch Otolo Nnewi
  25. Divine Grace N/P Sec. Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
  26. Divine Heritage N/P Sec Uruagu Nnewi Old Onitsha Rd. Nnewi
  27. Divine Kiddies N/P Sch. 100 Foot Rd. Umagu Nnewi
  28. Divine Mercy N/P Sch. Umuezeagu Umudim
  29. Divine Solution Akaboukwu Uruagu Nnewi
  30. Divine Success Int’l N/P Sch Umuanuka Village Hall Through Block Industry Nnewi.
  31. Evaro Precious Schools Okofia Otolo Nnewi
  32. Evidence Link High School Umudim Nnewi
  33. Faith Kiddies N/P Sch. Nnewichi Nnewi
  34. Favorite Kids Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  35. Favours Kid N/P Sch Umudim Nnewi
  36. Foundation N/P Sch. Near Cullx Otolo Nnewi
  37. Fountain Of Grace N/P Sch Palma Hotel Rd, Otolo Nnewi
  38. Genesis Nursery & Primary School Umudim Nnewi
  39. Gifan N/P School, At The Back Of Bank Rd, Nnewi
  40. Gifted Child N/P Sch. Nnobi Rd, Otolo Nnewi
  41. Gifted Int’l N/P Sch. Mr. Nnaemeka Chukwu Udika’s Compound Near Obi Isi Edo Market Okpunoegbu Umudim, Nnewi
  42. Gifted Kid’s N/P Okpuno Rgbu Umudim
  43. Glorious Int’l N/P Sch. Osakwe Str. Along Holy Trinity Cath. Church By 100. Foot Rd.
  44. Glory N/P Sch Otolo Nnewi
  45. Glory N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi
  46. God Lead N/P School Uruagu Nnewi
  47. God’s Favour N/P Sch Nnewichi, Nnewi
  48. Gods Favour Nursery & Primary School Okpuno Nnnewichi Nnewi
  49. God’s Vision Secondary School Uruagu Nnewi
  50. Golden Star Nursery & Primary School Nnewichi Nnewi
  51. Good Rewards N/P School Uruagu Nnewi
  52. Grace Land N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi, Egbu Community Very Close To Bright Angel P/S
  53. Grace Oraka Mem. Sec. Academy Otolo Nnewi
  54. Great Royal Wisdom Uruagu Nnewi
  55. Great Royal Wisdom Nur./Pri. Sch. Akaboukwu Umuagu, Nnewi
  56. Happy Child N/P School Nnewi
  57. Havesters N/P Sch Umuanuka Otolo Nnewi
  58. Heirs P/N School Nnewichi
  59. His Grace Nur. Sch. Okponoegbu Umudim Nnewi
  60. His Great Grace N/P School Uruagu, Okpunoeze, Nnewi
  61. His Lords N/P Sch. Otolo Nnewi (Mbanagu)
  62. Holy Infant N/P Sch Uruagu Akaboukwu
  63. Hope Of Wisdom Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  64. House On The Rock N/P School Otolo, Nnewi
  65. Jafed N/P School Ndiojukwu Uruagu, Nnewi
  66. Jesus Freedom Nursery & Primary School Otolo Nnewi
  67. Justice Cec. School Nnewichi Nnewi
  68. Kacio N/P Sch. No. 4 Nwachukwu Lane, Ndieze Uruagu Nnewi
  69. Kadimal N/P Sch Umudim Nnewi
  70. Kids With Vision N/P School St. Peter’s Obiofia
  71. King David Nursery Sch,. Nnewi
  72. La Sophia N/P School Umudimkwa Umudim, Nnewi
  73. Life Scope Winners Schools Nnewi
  74. Living Star N/P School Umuanuka Otolo
  75. Lofty Vision N/P Uruagu Nnewi
  76. Marranatha Sec. Sch. Abubor Nnewichi Nnewi
  77. Nation Builders Nursery & Primary School Otolo Nnewi
  78. Nazaret N/P School Nnewichi Nnewi, Near Smart Brain P/S
  79. New Bethel Nur./Pri. School Akabor Ezem Umuagu, Nnewi
  80. Nodus N/P Sch. Umudim Nnewi
  81. Nodus Nursery & Primary School Umudum Nnewi
  82. Our Lady Queen/ Of Peace Uruagu Nnewi
  83. Pa George Mem. Nursery Sch. Ibeneme Lane Umumejiaku Uruagu Nnewi
  84. Peace And Stability Int’l Sch. Otolo Nnewi
  85. Peculiar Child Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  86. Peculiar N/P Sch. Nnewi No. 12 Nkpologwu Street Okpuno Nnewichi, Nnewi
  87. Precious Kid Nursery & Primary School Uru Umudim
  88. Prince Of Peace N/P Okofia Otolo
  89. Rising Star N/P Sch. Akaboezem Uruagu Nnewi
  90. Royal Bold N/P Sch. Nnewichi Nnewi
  91. Royal Kids N/P Sch Obiuno Village Otolo Nnewi
  92. Royal Majesty N/P Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
  93. Royal Secondary Sch. Ozubulu Rd. Nnewi
  94. Royal/ God’s Mercy
  95. Skyline N/P Sch Otolo Nnewi, Igwe Orizu Rd.
  96. Smart Kids Academy Umuagu Nnewi
  97. Solid Rock N/P Nnewi Uruagu Nnewi
  98. Splendid Kids Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  99. Spring Garden Nursery & Primary School Otolo Nnewi
  100. St. Barthlomew Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  101. Supreme Kids N/P Sch Nnewichi, Abubor Nnewichi
  102. Temple Of Faith N/P Sch. Nnewichi Nnewi
  103. The Emeritus N/P School Okpunoegbu Umudim Nnewi
  104. The Lords Ambassadors Nursery & Primary School Okpunoeze Uruagu Nnewi
  105. Throne Of Grace Sec. Sch. Okpunoegbu Umudim Nnewi
  106. Throne Of Grace Secondary Sch. Umudim Nnewi
  107. Trinitas Schools Okpuno Egbu Nnewi
  108. Triumphant Nursery & Primary School Umudim Nnewi
  109. Victory Ideal Nursery & Primary School Uruagu Nnewi
  110. Virgins Of Christ Nursery & Primary School Otolo Nnewi
  111. Vision High Secondary Sch. Umudinkwa Umudim Through Francis Maduka Sir.
  112. Zuwi Private Schools Obiofia Nnewi
  113. Unique Kiddies Int’l P/N No 1 Regent Rd, Abubor Nnewichi
  114. Golden Lion P/N No. 13 Iloka Street Umudim Nnewi
  115. St. Mary’s Sec. Sch. Uruagu Nnewi
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S/N Name Of School Location

  1. His Grace N/P School, Ozubulu Egbema Ozubulu Village
  2. Divine Light N/P School Ozubulu Otukwe Village, Ihembosi Along Community Sec. Sch. Road
  3. New Life N/P School, Ihembosi St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Ihembosi, Behind The Market Square
  4. Covenant Minds Academy, Ichi Near Ichi Girls Secondary School.
  5. Living Word N/P School, Oraifite Ezueri Oraifite Along Emeka Offor Bus Stop
  6. Diamond Comp. Sec. Sch. Ozubulu Nza Ozubulu Closed To City High School
  7. Golden Gate Sec. Ozubulu Amakwa, Ozubulu Village
  8. Excel Model N/P School, Ozubulu Nza Ozubulu
  9. God’s Foundation N/P School, Oraifite Ezumeri Oraifite Village
  10. True Light N/P School, Oraifite Irefi Oraifite Along Emeka Offor Road
  11. Good Reward N/P School, Oraifite Irefi Oraifite
  12. Bright Future N/P School, Oraifite Irefi Oraifite Village
  13. Parter Noster N/P School Oraifite Amor Oraifite Village
  14. Divine Gift N/P School, Oraifite Ifite, Oraifite Village
  15. Christ Apostolic Church N/P School, Oraifite Ibolo Oraifite Village
  16. Excel Model Nursery School Ezumeri, Oraifite Village
  17. Bright Mind N/P School, Ichi Near Ichi Girls Sec. School
  18. Peace Amiable N/P School, Oraifite United Church Of Christ, Irefi Oraifte Along The Road
  19. Precious Mind N/P Academy Eziora Ozubulu Umuagu Village
  20. Christ The King N/P School, Isingwu, Oraifite Opp. Infant Jesus Hospital, Oraifite
  21. De Great Magrette Sec. School, Ozubulu Nza Ozubulu
  22. Golden Kids N/P School, Oraifite Umunakwa Oraifite
  23. Destined Kings And Queens N/P School Agbana Odida, Eziora Ozubulu
  24. Divine Sec. School Ihembosi Otukwe Ihembosi Along Community Secondary School Road
  25. Faculty Of Reasoning N/P And Sec. Schools Oraifite Awor Oraifite Along St. Mary’s Road Nnewi
  26. Warrior N/P School, Oraifite Umunakwa Ifite Along Nkwo To Nkwo Market
    27 God’s Victory N/P School, Umuezeabu Ichi Village
  27. De Great Goldamite Academy, Ichi Umuezeabu Ichi Along Igwe Road
  28. Destiny Kids, Ichi Umuezeabu Ichialong The Road Leading To Ichi Girls
  29. Noble Kids N/P, Oraifite Umunakwa Ifite, Oraifite Emeka Offor Bus Stop Road
  30. Royal F Heritage N/P School, Qrarfite Awor Oraifite
  31. Wisdom Of God Begins Well N/P School Oraifite Awor, Oraifite Village
  32. Heritage N/P School Ozubulu Umualaisi Ozubulu Village
  33. Infant Jesus N/P School, Ozubulu Umualaisi Ozubulu
  34. Kids Angel N/P School Ozubulu Eziora, Ozubulu Village
  35. St. Christopher N/P School, Isingwu Oraifite, St. Christopher Church
  36. Ave Maria Regina, Ozubulu Egbema Ozubulu After St. Michael Junction
  37. College Of Education Technologies Secondary School, Rev. Fr. Ekwu Along Michael Junction Road
  38. God’s Favour Field N/P School Ozubulu Alom Hall Closed To St. Michael Junction
  39. Excel Model N/P School, Oraifite Ezumeri Oraifite Village
  40. Freedom Academy Irefi Oraifite Irefi Oraifite Village
  41. Tonia Secondary School, Ihembosi Ihembosi Close To St. Mathew’s Anglican Church
  42. Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School, Awo – Oraifite Along St. Mary’s Road Nnewi
  43. Porters House Academy, Oraifite Obolo Okpuno Village
  44. King David Secondary/Primary, Oraifite Umuchu – Oraifite Village Hall Close To Mater Dei Sec. School.
  45. Turning Point N/P/Sec. School Ozubulu Along Onitsha Express Road
  46. St. Michael Model, Ozubulu Amakwa, Ozubulu Close To St. Michael Catholic Church
  47. God Kid N/P School, Oraifite Umuezeani Along Emeka Offor Junction
  48. Deyon Foundation School, Oraifite Umuezeani Along Emeka Offor Junction
  49. Arise And Shine N/P School, Ozubulu Umuana Eziora Ozubulu Village
  50. Great Gods Favour, Ozubulu Egbema Close To St. Michael Junction
  51. Warriors International Primary School, Oraifite Ifite, Oraifite Along Nkwo To Nkwo Junction
  52. Great Infant Jesus N/P School, Ozubulu Umualusi, Ozubulu Village
  53. Precious God Favour, Ozubulu Umuogu, Ozubulu Village
  54. Bright Star N/P School, Ozubulu Eziora, Ozubulu
  55. God Heritage N/P School, Ozubulu Ozubulu
  56. Precious Mind Academy, Ozubulu Ozubulu Behind Ekwusigo Park
  57. Fortune Link N/P School, Ozubulu Ozubulu
  58. Divine Heritage N/P School, Ozubulu Ezerinne, Ezior Ozubulu Village
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  1. Oxford Secondary School By Alaoma Hall Akwa Akwa Ihiala
  2. Divine Scholars Secondary School Umudimogo Behind Umudimogo Ihiala
  3. Bright Future Secondary School Ihiala
  4. Excellent Mind Secondary School Mbosi Junction Along Orlu Road Ihiala
  5. Wisdom Secondary School Afia Igwe Umudara Ihiala
  6. No-Comparism Secondary School Off Nite Ropad Along Gtc Mbarakpaka Ihiala
  7. God’s Glory Academy Secondary School Along University Road Uli
  8. Bethel Secondary School Ogboroisiala Umudara Road Ihiala
  9. Success Secondary School Along Bank Road Or Umudimogo Road Ihiala
  10. St. Ernest Modern Secondary School Umubazu, Uli
  11. His Grace Secondary School Oraukwu Road Off Umuhu Okija
  12. Brave Heart Secondary School Oranegwu Road Off Umulu
  13. New Era Secondary School
  14. Kezi Sec. Sch. Behind Access Bank Ihiala
  15. Brain Academy Izuoma Hall Umuamelu Ihiala
  16. Higher Achiever Sec. School Issekke Saint Paul’s Sec. School Issekke Opposite St. Joseph Catholic Church Issekke
  17. Brain State Sec. School Umuatuegwu Road Okija
  18. L. J. O Montessori Secondary School Before Total Filling Station Along Owerri Road
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  1. Brave Heart Primary School Okija
  2. Good Shepherd Primary School Oluoha Road Okohia, Umuabanike Hall Ihiala
  3. Stepping Stone Primary School Uzokwa Before Road Safety Office Ihiala
  4. Fresh Focus Primary School Mbarakpamaka Deeper Life Church Ihiala
  5. Good Child Primary School Lilu
  6. New Age Foundation Primary School Okija
  7. Fishers Of Men Primary School Mbosi
  8. Christ Ambassadors Primary School Issekke
  9. Transformation Primary School Ubaludara Market Uli
  10. Zion Kids Primary School Opposite Micro Finance Bank Uli
  11. New Covenant Primary School From Centre Road Igweabaka Uli
  12. Seat Of Wisdom Primary School Igweabuola Road Straight Uli
  13. Grace Of God Primary School Close To University Uli
  14. St. Dominic Primary School Umuegorun Hall Ihiala
  15. Sister Ogoos Primary School Uli
  16. Ultimate Star Primary School Ndiatulosi Road Close To Health Centre Uli
  17. Divine Scholars Primary School Behind Umudiogo Ihiala
  18. Divine Nature Primary School Amaduru
  19. Bright Star Primary School Along University Beside Uliside Hotel Uli
  20. Macdennis Model Primary School Igweabubola Roadumuoma Uli
  21. Royal Wisdom Int’l Primary School Umuaku Uli
  22. Wisdom Int’l Primary School Umuaku, Uli
  23. Destiny Int’l Primary School University Road To Junction Take Right Amaputu Uli
  24. Bencaro Primary School Arbad Before Uli Girls Secondary School Ndiaka Umuaka Uli
  25. Best Kids Academy Primary School Road After Uli Girls Umuaku Uli
  26. Chimere Primary School Opposite University Ndumereaku Uli
  27. Radiance Academy Primary School Umuaku Uli
  28. Divine Favour Primary School After University To Junction Right Uli
  29. George Best Group Of Schools After Spenter Secondar Schooil University Road Uli
  30. Uchechukwu Primary School From Kennedy Pole Umudurugedu Ihiala
  31. Brain Academy Primary School Umudiogo Ihiala
  32. Little Angels Primary School Inside Afor Igwe Primary Ubahaekwelu Ihiala
  33. Wisdom Int’l Primary School Umuaku Uli
  34. Divinity Primary School Along University Road Ihiala
  35. Kings Primary School Together With Kings Secondary School Ihiala
  36. Living Spring Primary School Uli
  37. Readiness Primary School Uli
  38. Ecco International Primary School Beside Obidiaso Filliong Station Along Onitsha Owerri Road Uli
  39. Success And Great Academy Primary School Mbara Akpaka Ihiala
  40. Greener Pasture Primary School Behind St. Christopher Catholic Church Okija
  41. Angel’s Academy Primary School Okija
  42. Divine Kingsley Primary School From Amorka Park To Kodods
  43. Blessed Primary School Opposite University Uli
  44. Mantle Model Primary School Beside St. Anthony Down Okija
  45. Exceptional Children Academy Primary School Umumeri Uzoakwa, Ihiala
  46. Star Kids Primary School From Guo Park Down Mbaraakpala Ihiala
  47. Future Child Primary School Along Umunaemelu Road After Total Filling Station Ihiala
  48. Destiny Child Primary School Along Igwe Palace Uli
  49. Favoured Child Primary School Ogwo Road To Abia Eke From Amorka Park
  50. Kingdom Kids Primary School Inside Word Of God Deliverance Ministry Isseke
  51. Divine Hope Primary School Akwa Ihiala
  52. Erney’s Model Primary School Opposite St. Christopher Catholic Church
  53. Marvelous Primary School Opposite St. Christopher Catholic Church Okija
  54. St. Charles Primary School Inside The Church Lilu
  55. Tender Care Primary School Along Oghalaegwu Road From Nkwo Okija
  56. Oxford Empire Primary School Along Oluoha Road Okohia Ihiala
  57. Child Pride Primary School Umuonyirioha Uli
  58. Brain Gate Primary School Mtn Max Ugharegbu Road Okija
  59. Elite International Schooll Umuakpu Ezego Junction Ihiala
  60. Divine Light Primary School Umuatu Egwu Okija
  61. First Foundation Primary School Umudara Village Ihiala
  62. Christ Friend School Umunnaze Orsumoghu
  63. Evange. The Great School Inside Assembles Of God Mbaramkpe Ihiala
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  1. Brave Heart Nursery School Okija
  2. Good Shepherd Nursery Oluoha Road, Okojhia Umuabanuke Hall Ihiala
  3. Stepping Stone Nursery School Uzoakwa Before Road Safety Office Ihiala
  4. Fresh Focus Nursery School Inside Deeper Life Church, Mbarakapka Ihiala
  5. Good Child Nursery School Lilu
  6. New Faith Academy Amorka
  7. New Life Nursery School Before St. Anthony Cath. Junction Okija
  8. Fishers Of Men Nursery School Mbosi
  9. Christ Ambassador Nursery School Isseke
  10. Transformation Nursery School Ubahudara Market Uli
  11. New Covenant Schools From Uli Centre As Of Igweabuola Road Ndialaora, Uli
  12. Seat Of Wisdom Schools Igweabuola Road Ndialaora,, Uli
  13. St. Dominic Nursery School Umuegorom Hall Ihiala
  14. Sister Ogoos Nursery School Ndianyinaji, Uli
  15. Ultimate Star Nursery School, Ndiatulobi Road Close To Health Centre Uli
  16. Divine Nature Nursery School, Amaduru Orsumogu
  17. Divine Scholars Nursery School, Behind Ymudimogo P/S – Bank Road Ihiala
  18. Bright Star Nursery School, Along University Beside Uli Side Hotel Uli
  19. Macdenis Model Nursery School, Igweabuola Road Umuoma Uli
  20. Royal Wisdom Int’l Nursery School Right Inside Amorka From Park Amorka
  21. Wisdom Int’l Nursery School Umuaku, Uli
  22. Destiny Int’l Nursery School University Road To Junction Take Right Amaputu, Uli.
  23. Bencaro Nursery School. A Road Before Uli Girls S.S. Ndiaka-Umuaku, Uli.
  24. Best Kids Academy Nursery A Road After Uli Girls, Umuatu, Uli
  25. Chimere Nursery School Opp. University, Ndumereaku Umuonyirioha-Umuoma, Uli
  26. Divine Favour Nursery School After University Junction Take Right, Nwokotu-Umuoma, Uli
  27. George Best Group Of School After Spencer Ss University Road, Nwokotu=Umuoma, Uli
  28. Best Choice International Nursery School Inside Watchman Before Lga, Ihiala
  29. Uchechukwu Nursery School From Kenedy Pole Umudurungibu, Ihiala
  30. Brains Academy Nursery School Umudiomogo, Ihiala
  31. Little Angels Nursery School Inside Aforigwe P/S Ubahu Ekwem, Ihiala
  32. Divinity Nursery School Along University Road, Uli
  33. Kings Nursery School, Inside Kings Ss, Ihiala
  34. Royal International Nursery School, Opposite Okija Grammar School, Okija.
  35. Living Spring Nursery School, Uli
  36. Star Kids Nursery School, Beside Guo Motor Park Mbarakpala, Uli
  37. Readiness Nursery School, Uli
  38. Ecco International Nursery Beside Obialiaso Filling Station Onitsha-Owerri Rd, Uli
  39. Brain Gate Nursery School Mtn Max, Ukwuakpu Hospital Okija.
  40. Divine Light Nursery School Umuatuegwu, Okija.
  41. Divine Wisdom Nursery School Mbarakpaka, Ihiala
  42. Evange The Great Nursery School, Mbarakpaka, Ihila
  43. Success And Great Academy Nursery School Mbara Akpaka-Ihiala
  44. Greener Pasture Nursery Behind St. Christopher Church, Okija
  45. Angel’s Academy Nursery School Amorka Park To Kodos, Okija.
  46. Divine Kingsley School Amorka
  47. Blessed Nursery School Opp. University Uli
  48. Mantle Model Nursery School Beside St. Anthony Cath., Okija.
  49. Exceptional Children Academy Nursery School Umummeri Uzoakwa, Ihiala.
  50. Star Kids Nursery School Guo Motor Park Mbarakpaka – Ohiala
  51. St. Jude’s Nursery School Inside St. Jude’s Cath Church, Okija.
  52. Future Child Nursery School Road After Total Filling Station. Umunnamelu Ihiala.
  53. Destiny Child Nursery School Along Igwe Palace, Uli
  54. Favoured Child Nursery Ogwo Road To Afia Eke Amorka Park
  55. Kingdom Kids Nursery School Inside Word Of God Deliverance Ministry , Isseke
  56. Divine Hope Nursery School, Akwa, Ihiala
  57. Erney’s Model Nursery School, Along Igwebuola Road Ndiegungwu, Uli
  58. Marvelous Nursery School, Opp. St. Christopher Cath. Church., Okija.
  59. St. Charles Nursery School Inside The Church Of St. Charles, Lilu
  60. Tender Care Nursery School, Along Oghalegwu Road From Nkwo, Okija.
  61. Oxford Royal Nursery School, Along Oluoha Road Okolua, Ihiala
  62. Child Pride Nursery School, Umuonyirioha, Uli.
  63. Christ Foundation Nursery, School Along Savinovo Hotel, Ihiala
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Un-Approved Secondary Schools In Nnewi South

1 St. Paul’s Seminary Umunuko Ukpor
2 St. Mary Secondary School Centre Ukpor
3 Assumption Secondary School Umuohama Ukpor
4 Bishop Okoye Memorial Secondary School Osigbu Ukpor
5 Holy Child Convent Ebenator Amichi
6 St. Paul’s Secondary School Nkete Utuh
7 Mater Amabilis Secondary School Okofia Osumenyi
8 St. Anthony Of Padua Secondary School Okofia Osumenyi
9 Queen Of Angel Secondary School Umuomam Osumenyi
10 Master’s Vessel Seminary Obiuno Osumenyi
11 Christ Secondary School Obiuno Osumenyi
12 Sancta Maria Secondary School Umudiala Ezinifite
13 Bethel Secondary School Isigwu Ekwulumili
14 Regina Caeli Secondary School Urueze Ekwulumili
15 St. John Bosco Secondary School Unubi
16 St. Patrick’s Secondary School Agbogwugwu Unubi
17 Victory Ideal Secondary School Eziama Amichi
18 Trinity Comprehensive Secondary School Obiagu Amichi
19 Enizim Secondary School Urueze Ekwulumili
20 Fidelity Secondary School Isiokwe Unubi
21 Talent Secondary School Umudiala Ezinifite
22 Madonna International Secondary School Umudike Ukpor
23 Rhema Secondary School Okpokolo Amichi
24 Santa Maria Secondary School Umudiala Ezinifite
25 Golden Star School Of Excellence Secondary School Amichi
26 Great Foundation Secondary School Ebenator Okpala, Amichi


1 Be Wise N/P School Umuagwu Umuohana Village, Ukpor
2 God’s First N/P School Ukpor
3 Delight N/P School St. John Anglican Church, Ukpor
4 God’s Glory N /P School Akwata Village, Utuh
5 Zenith N /P School Nkete, Village, Utuh
6 God’s Gift N/P School Utuh
7 Growing Star N/P School Nkete Village, Utuh
8 Universal N/P School Umuoma Village, Utuh
9 Rock Of Life N/P School After Eke Osu Menyi
10 Emma Jesus N/P School Obiofia Village, Osumenyi
11 Shalon N/P School Osumenyi
12 Royal Field N/P School Behind Igwe Ozu House, Amichi
13 St. Rita N/P School After St. Paul’s Seminary, Ukpor
14 St. James N/P School Umunobe, Azuigbo
15 Rhema N/P School Amichi
16 Divine Foundation N/P School Okpokolo Village, Amichi
17 Deli. V. N/P School Blessed Sure Anchor, Amichi
18 Brighter Star N/P School Umunnache Village, Amichi
19 Young Star N/P School Umunnache Village, Amichi
20 God’s Best N/P School Umuani Village, Amichi
21 Solid Rock N/P School Ebenator Village, Amichi
22 Braining Academy N/P School Afor Ube Village, Amichi
23 Bright Foundation N/P School Ifite, Ezinifite
24 Christ The Lord N/P School Ifite, Ezinifite
25 Enizim N/P School Umeze Village, Ekwulummili
26 God’s Favour N/P School Isingwu Village, Ekwulummili
27 Victory N/P School Ebe Village, Ukpor
28 Goodness & Mercy N/P School Etitinabo Village, Unubi
29 Prodigious Scholars N/P School, Akali Village, Osumenyi
30 Blessed Kids N/P School, Abguani Village, Ukpor
31 Wonder Glorious Based N/P School Ebenato Village, Amichi
32 Assumption Nursery School, Ukpor Umuohama, Ukpor
33 St. Philip’s Nursery School, Amichi Eziama, Amichi
34 De-Light Nursery School, Ukpor St. John Anglican Church, Ukpor

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