Nkpor Killing: CLO request for discreet investigation into extra judicial killings in Anambra State

The Anambra State Branch of Civil Liberties Organisation CLO has pleaded with Anambra State governor Chief Willie Obiano and Commissioner of Police CP John Abang to constitute men of impeccable integrity to unravel the circumstances surrounding the alleged killings of two innocent citizens at Nkpor.

At this period of hunger and anger two Anambrarians were murdered by over zealous security personnel and unfortunate incidence at Umunze.

It will be recalled that CLO had in the inception of lock down appealed to security personnel to be patriotic, transparent, civil and decorum in discharge of their duties with love and respect to citizens.

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In a joint press statement issued by comrades Vincent Ezekwueme and Chidi Mba chairman and secretary respectively CLO reminded the security personnel that a hungry man is not only an angry but also do not understand right or wrong except food.
It is pertinent to understand the pathetic and pitiable condition of the citizenry hence they deserved care, concern, accommodating and tolerance.

CLO wishes to reiterate our position that the lock down is for the betterment of the citizenry, it ineluctable and inexorable for citizenry to observe the law to the letter.
It of prime importance to properly reorientated our security personnel on best method to be civil, dynamic, professional and patriotic in discharge of their duties CLO posited.

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We solicits for more palliatives stimulus to cushion despicable effects of coronavirus pandemic from both government and public spirited individuals and cooperate individuals .
Let us unite to win this war against our common enemy .
Significantly only you alone can make it happen through adhering to governments and experts directives CLO maintained .

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