Chinedum Orji, a sign of better future for Abia State

For many reasons anchored on leadership and love for his people, Engr Chinedum Orji, the speaker of the 7th Assembly of Abia State, has continued to prove to be a charismatic leader of today and tomorrow, carved for the progress of the future and succor to humanity.

Through his tenacity, synergy and purposeful leadership, Abia state has continued to enjoy progress even when many had written her off because the mutual relationship between him and the Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu PhD, have ensured that Abia State remains in the rise in all aspects of development.

Little wonder, Abians in Diaspora recently celebrated his achievement, while the Federal Government on their part praised his positive initiatives in leadership that has made it possible for Abia to become the first state to establish a Diaspora Commision for her citizens, that indeed is commendable.


But that is not all of it, encomium keep pouring in, feliications ceaseless, this time around, Chinedum Orji has once again bagged the honour of “Distinguished Friend of the Media” by national body of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ in commemoration of his unending efforts to ensuring a media friendly environment as has been exemplified in Abia State, only a people oriented leader can work hard with the Governor to guarantee true freedom of speech as Abians have relished since 2015.

Chinedum Orji has been described as “Ikuku Oma Abia” and Abians have insisted that his breeze has truly blown across as he had always, beyond his government works, shown the humanitarian side of him by positively affecting the people, empowering the youths and leading in passing laws that have kept Abia on the path of steady progress.

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Indeed, Engr Chinedum Orji is a man, a leader, and a progressive the future of Abia State should be proud of.

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