The Sin Of Mbaka by Joe Ezechi


Rev. Fr. Mbaka

Joe Ezechi

One of the things that baffle me and at the same time impresses me is the way people think differently about the same mbaka issues.

No matter how brilliantly you write on Fr Mbaka’s issue, there is an alternative rejoinder just waiting.

But it’s equally interesting to see how people write boldly in an area that is not their profession, an area that they have little or no authority.

I seriously resist the temptation to contribute to this fr mbaka’s story for fear of being misunderstood.

But I must tell u that I dislike his style while liking his guts.

Of all the about 400 priests in Enugu diocese u can’t count 5 persons without counting fr mbaka in terms of charity and practical christianity.

But having observed mbaka for about 23 years now (1998 – 2021), I can say that he is also among the 5 greatest contributors to the distortion of catholic faith in the diocese by creating a brand of christianity that pays little or no attention to orthodoxy.

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The teachings of the church, the practices of the church, and leaders in the church, make little or no sense to him

What has happened this few days is the hallmark of the kind of christianity that mbaka has created for us.

Now, mbaka clearly helps the faithful but certainly not the faith.

This paradox is perhaps the reason why it is difficult for many critics to classify him as saint or villain. While promoting the work of charity and paying attention to the plight of the poor, mbaka has built a huge following as u may expect.

What is not always clear is whether he makes this large followers for the church or for himself.

A number of things make me say this:

  1. Sometime in the past we were celebrating Mass at Ugwogo Nike. It was consecration time and the bishop was elevating the Sanctissimum. That’s when mbaka entered, and at once great number of the faithful abandoned the elevated host and started chanting ‘daddy daddy’. He did not think that he should wait outside until consecration was over, since he came late. He seems to savour that kind of triumphal entry
  2. Again, during the Corpus Christi of some years back, at the cathedral, mbaka would insist that his own Sanctissimum must be used to change the already exposed Sanctissimum on the altar. The impression that he gave his followers is that his holy communion was better than those of other priests. This is a man who is supposed to have read theology
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Thus after a long time of mis-indoctrinating his followers, mbaka successfully created a large group of dissident Christians who understand nothing but mbaka as the only anointed priest. This group is made mainly of uneducated, poor, and sick youths.

Another trend has played out in the mbaka saga. Having fallen out with Buhari, mbaka tactfully shifted allegiance to IPOB. It’s not clear if his shift is connected with fear for the unknown gunmen who are presently attacking supporters of Buhari in Igboland.

What is clear is that mbaka has publicly pledged allegiance with Nnamdi Kanu, and Kanu himself has made a statement to the effect that mbaka must be protected.

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We suspect that the demonstration of yesterday has been hijacked by IPOB members. In fact the wreckage of the bishop’s house and cathedral was probably instigated by the hijackers who are ever ready to cause mayhem

I conclude by reiterating that mbaka has caused ample damage to the faith by the kind of Christians he raises in his adoration.

Yet he a man of his people

I dare say that in spite of the blame we impute to mbaka for the dastardly demonstration of yesterday, the bishop himself may share the blame because mbaka is his product.

The bishops of Enugu created the monster that now assault them. They allowed his tails to grow strong and long enough for him to assume that he is no longer lizard but crocodile

What are your thoughts?

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