Atiku is the answer for a better Nigeria!



In a broad sense, Atiku is most ready and capable for the job. Nigeria has been degraded to the extents that kids born here regrets why God made them a Nigerian, even the grown up are tired of this country.

In fact, the Nigeria in us as Nigerians had died, The current administration killed it. The leaders who value cows than human being,the leaders with sentiment, the leaders who made lopsided appointments, the leaders who ruled against their promise has succeeded in killing the Nigeria in us.

We need someone who had flourished in education, business and who has the full command of the economy to get Nigeria working again. Nigeria need to be revived and recouped back to live.

APC led federal government is a complete deceit, they had successfully reduced Nigeria to poverty capital of the world. APC thrived on acute propaganda and their claimed PDP’s  manifest misgovernance helped APC into power in 2015, but since then, it has been 3.5 years of blaming up to Lord Lugard for their failures and 3.5 years of denying their campaign promises. Nigerians had seen enough and cannot continue like this, power belongs to God and not to man and that’s why we must call on the Almighty to change the change.

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I had already started my fast and prayers unto God this festive period to remove Buhari and install Atiku as our President come 2019, this means I won’t be celebrating this Xmas festive,yes! I have to deny myself foods,drinks,gifts and all the merriments therein as I will be praying on the mountain to get Nigeria working again through Atiku and Obi.

This sacrifice is to express to my God the anger in the heart of over 40million Nigerians who lost their source of livelihood in the course of this administration, the pain and sorrows that befall Benue, plateau and our Nigeria army etc.

I can recall the words of CMN jnr. on Jun 27 2018, when he said ” seeing the photo of the slain kid in Barkin Lardi,Plateau state, of a kind obviously less than three years with deep gashes in the face, left a gash in my soul, a gash in my heart, and a gash in the human essence, a gash only truth can heal”.

And this left such a deep cut in my heart obviously deeper than what any emotional man can hold, all these motivates my sacrifice there is nothing to celebrate in this administration. My fasting and prayers starts on 24th Dec to 31st of Dec 2018 or as the spirit directs.

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Oh God, can this my humble sacrifice be enough to save Nigeria soul, for me to fast and be on the mountain on the day of remembering your birth is to pray for the greatness of this nation, please Lord hear my prayers, forgive us our sins, since we fail to understand that history is bold and brainy & learned teacher of the wise. Forgive us our mistake in 2015,we’re ready to correct it this time.

What Nigerians need now is a leader that can tackle the issue of insecurity, a leader that can create Jobs for our youths, leader that can provide quality health care,leader that can industrialize the nation, who can provide quality network roads, who can unite the nation, who can impact positively in the people(especially women & youths), who can care for workers welfare, a leader that can bring up policy that can boost our economy.

And Alhj. Atiku Abubakar is the answer, the combination of Atiku and Obi is the best flavor Nigeria needs for survival mostly now to get this country back to life.

The soul of this country should be placed above anyone’s shoulder,the country is at mess and we have to get back to those days we buy a bag of rice at #7,500, cement #1300,  etc. This administration have to admit the fact that they have failed and humbly resign and not taking us to what they call Next Level of poverty.

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Everything about this administration is based on deceit, before this in 2015, PMB is busy wearing Igbo dress and Yoruba dress and when he clinch the seat of power we didn’t see nor notice that in his appointment and now he is doing same again to deceive the people, please Nigerians do ask questions, when they tell you #NEXTLEVEL, Ask them to finish with the first level which is their campaign promises in 2015 or are they moving to next level when over 40million Nigerians lost their jobs in their last 3.5 years of office, Nigeria being named the poverty capital of the world, Is this what they actually mean? Next level of poverty? We need to be clarified because it’s their inability to explain what they mean by the word “CHANGE” that put us here today.

We must express our grieve come 2019.

Dear Nigerians, the decision we took in 2015 is why we’re here today, And we can’t hope to see the worst again, so our today was from our yesterday and our tomorrow is in our today.  Our decision in 2019 will determine the future of our children born and unborn, let’s not take decisions that will further enslave them, bondage and loss of lives.

Vote the Answer!!!

Let’s Vote Atiku and Obi come 2019 to get Nigeria working again.

Comr. Nwokwu Daniel c

Ebonyi state chairman

Atiku Homegrown Development Initiative (A-HDI)

Photo : Nwokwu Daniel

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