Anambra 2021: Look Deeply At Attitudes

By Tai Emeka Obasi

The first thing that strikes about a very good leader is his/her HUMILITY. And it’s not about pretences like buying corns at the roadside and posting all over the internet during campaigns.

Check that man who has all the money to buy all the clothes but dresses as simple as the common man.

Check that man who has all the money to purchase the most expensive cars but prefers an anonymous vehicle that easily mixes with the rest of the vehicles on the road.

Check out that man who has all the money to build a very expensive mansion as his residence but chooses a very ordinary cheap building that is just enough to provide his and immediate family’s basic shelter.

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Check out that man who has all the resources to move with a long convoy that adds to nuisance to other road users but goes with a maximum of two to three vehicles without blaring sirens as he moves quietly to destinations.

These are people, whose major worries are how to improve any society they found themselves. When you build a class barrier you get disconnected with the people.

I got close to HE Peter Obi and found out these are the basic qualities that make him so selfless that he has the appropriate solutions to every basic problem facing any society he finds himself.

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I got close to Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu and found out an astonishing resemblance to the former governor in everything about humility. Both also know Anambra and her people like the back of their hands. They understand and attend to people’s needs instead of going for their unreasonable wants. Azubogu adds marvelling accessibility, always listening to everybody’s complaints/suggestions, ever solving problems with a smiling face.

Little wonder that even as a legislator, the Nnewi-born engineer has been the nearest to the man we call Okwute in delivering dividends of democracy to the people. Where the man we call Mr. Project was handicapped to improve medical services, he introduced free medical outreaches to get to the people who can’t afford adequate medicare.

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Great leaders don’t come every day. God has been very kind to Anambra by presenting us with another great one after eight years of the greatest we ever had. It’s now left to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to be wise enough to present him to ndi Anambra.

Look no further…Engr Azubogu is very #PreparedToServe

  • Anybody who feels and acts that he/she knows it all can’t lead Anambra. We’re Republicans. Nobody intimidates us.

What are your thoughts?

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