Anambra 2021: Beyond Sentiments and Political Affiliation, Acceptability Will Decide

The quest for survival as humans cannot possibly be isolated from partisan politics which is evidently responsible for both good and bad governance in any administrative setting. Having said that, I hereby invite both people in practical politics as well as those that are still sitting on the fence to feel the pulse of the masses and fine-tune their approach to politics and public administration.

Many people have lost confidence in the political system because some of our leaders seem to be more concerned about accumulating wealth than building confidence with the citizens. This they do with the intention of packing enough money for themselves and their future generation while the people on whose mandate they’re feeding fat keep losing weight and regards for public administration.

Time has come for a solemn pact between our leaders and the voting population before any other election. This idea has become imperative following scores of unredeemed campaign promises that trails particularly APC administration at the national level and APGA administration in Anambra State. So far, one cannot help but wonder what it takes to channel public funds to community driven development.

Most pathetic about these hierarchy of deceptive leadership is their inability to tolerate the people’s demand for accountability. Imagine my governor not getting it right, yet blowing hot and cold, expecting me not to react as a partner. Must all of us belong to a particular political platform to qualify for dividends of democracy?

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Ogbaru LGA for instance voted massively for Governor Willie Obiano but had to dump APGA for PDP in electing both statehouse and national assembly members due to crass neglect of the council area by the government of merriment (for selected category of people oo).

You cannot see a single streetlight done by this government in Ogbaru LGA, let alone one kilometer road. Can same be said of Aguleri community which doesn’t generate a quarter of the IGR from Ogbaru LGA that APGA government has been making use of without recourse to the plight of contributors that are deliberately sidetracked in the delivery of democracy dividends. Yet they raise a lot of dust about zoning, claiming to be advocates of equity and fairness. What an irony!

I find it very difficult to think that the₦75b left by Peter Obi in cash and kind could vanish without detailed records and information about expenditure. Obi actually inherited debt, cleared it and left substantial amount of money for Obiano whom we expect to work and equally save up to enable his predecessor take off smoothly.

Unfortunately, Anambra has declined from a debt free state to a highly indebted one due to Obiano’s lack of vision and willpower to deliver democracy dividends, yet there is enough to throw party at choice locations and frivolous undertakings like commissioning of roundabouts and office gates built at well above reasonable costs.

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Many thanks to the PDP legislators who has taken it upon themselves to continue providing infrastructure and professional services to the good people of Anambra State. Hon Chris Emeka Azubogu for instance has done more roads than all APGA legislators put together, yet he rounded off 2020 with a one of its kind medical mission whereby over 700 successful surgeries were performed and over 4000 medicated eyeglasses given out to the masses.

Distinguished Senators Uche Ekwunife, Stella Oduah and Ifeanyi Ubah have taken over and making waves in providing health facilities, road infrastructure, rural / urban electrification, classroom blocks and educational interventions, among other things that the governor and his party believes are too much for the people they are riding on their mandate.

Anambrarians would no longer settle for “ego election” which was actually responsible for our present situation. It has to be about showing one’s scorecard and prospects for a better society this time around. How could self-acclaimed responsible leaders be acquiring properties in choice locations of Abuja, Lagos, USA etc, only to appropriate between ₦500 and ₦2000 for the electorates at each ballot if not a clear indication of absolute wickedness?

The people are watching the game as it unfolds. Just last week the state chairman of PDP Hon Sir Ndubisi Nwobu initiated a scheme to empower 25 women to support their trade and improve the standard of living for 25 different families while leaders of the government in power are busy making the rounds as to the number of aspirants they were able to render poorer through high-tech extortion mechanism only known to and beneficial to them.


Gone are the days people are deceived by the so-called party Ndigbo, a very deceptive strategy that has sent many politicians and even government contractors to their untimely death. Nkea okabu nke anyi for onye nwulu anwu? Mbanu! Ife ndia na alu bu onye akpaalu ochaa n’uzo and that is the bane of our democracy under this self-centered, intolerant and incompetent administration.

Anambra State needs a government of the people that cares for the people in and out of season like the PDP which is not in power yet raised over ₦150m to ameliorate the sufferings of the good people of dear state during the post COVID-19 lockdown while the one in charge of our common patrimony was busy spending funds in the sky and retiring same verbally. The First Lady on her own was so benevolent that she had to take COVID-19 palliatives to far away United States having used mouth to cover Anambra State during the period.

Anambra 2021, PDP is the way to go!

By Tony Ezike
DG Anambra State PDP New Media

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