Ahead of his birthday, APAMS receives Papal blessings.


Sir Kevin Chukwumobi, the CEO of Apams Limited, has been issued with the Papal blessings as he prepares his elaborate 50th birthday celebration.

In a symbolic recognition of his rich contributions and stellar services in the affairs of the Catholic Church, the Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Francis has given him the benediction papalis (Papal blessings) which is issued from the Papal Charities office in the Vatican city. Benediction papalis is a thoughtful and meaningful way to commemorate a special life occasion for a committed and devoute Catholic.

While the blessing itself is invisible to the eye, Sir Kevin Chukwumobi was given a memoralized painted parchment certificate inscribed with the his name , featuring the Papal seal and the picture of the Pope.

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During an exclusive chat with reporters, Sir Kevin stated that he was highly elated for that singular honour. He further said that the blessing will propel him to do more in the service of God and humanity.

It is obvious that the 50th birthday celebration for this number one funeral undertaker in Nigeria is an incomparable milestone in his life as his achievements and giant strides in the industry, together with his philanthropic gestures has been greatly lauded.

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