8 killed in fresh Borno suicide attack

A vehicle burns at the scene of a suicide bomb attack. June 25, 2016. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Eight persons including four suicide bombers were killed, in Jiddari polo area of Jere local government area of Borno state, the suicide bombers were trying to infiltrate. Maiduguri, the Borno state capital to cause mayhem during the elections.

An eyewitness, Ibrahim Garba, said the incident happened in four different places in the area but luckily, only four people were killed in the incident while all the suicide bombers were also killed.

A vehicle burns at the scene of a suicide bomb attack
A vehicle burns at the scene of a suicide bomb attack

A member of the Civilian JTF Hussaini Idriis “one if the suicide bomber when to the House if security personnel in the area knocking the gate shouting help, when a security watchman at the gate asking who is that and was trying to peep in when a bomb detonated killing the suicide bomber alone”

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While another suicide bomber, according to him, was trying to enter a mosque where some Muslim faithful were performing early morning prayer, on hearing the sound of the earlier blast the came out, on coming out they saw a suicide bomber trying to enter the mosques they rush out, while suicide bomber detonated the IEDs strapped on his body killing one person, where the second suicide bomber opened fire on the people killing two people but was also gunned down by their colleague.

A resident, Mallam Ibrahim Abubakar said “the suicide bombers were said to have come three in numbers, accompanied by the fourth who was carrying an AK 47 in case any of the suicide bombers want run away or remove the suicide vest, he guns him down”

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“The suicide bomber carrying the rifle was the one who shot down two people in one of the mosques before he was equally gunned down. While the fourth suicide when and grabbed the son of my neighbour where they were both pieces by the IED,” he added.

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