Hoodlums Burnt Octogenarian’s House In Nanka Over Missing Son, Evangelist Enoch Ifeanyichukwu Ezeme



By Felix Deboy, Awka

It was tragic for an Octogenarian from Nanka, Orumba North Local Government Area, Anambra State, Mrs Angelina Ezeme when hoodlums purported to be religious fanatics in search of his son Evangelist Enoch Ifeanyichukwu Ezeme allegedly burnt her home, even as her son had been since declared missing from police custody.

Narrating her ordeal to www.odogwublog.com, Mrs Angelina Ezeme said some people whose language she could not understand with some speaking, a smattering of English demanded that she produces her son, Enoch or have her house burnt.

She was still explaining that her son had issues in Benue State when they spoke last and was just told by her village relatives that he has disappeared from custody but before she could complete the tale, her house was burnt.

She informed that her son had informed her of his trip to Benue State and that he would visit Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Guma or Daudu Camps, if possible 17th or 18th March 2023 for pastoral care, counseling, evangelism and other humanitarian assistance.

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She narrated how the news of the disappearance of her son devastated her coupled with the sudden burning of her house for sins she didn’t commit.

According to her sometime last year, 2023 due to a religious incident that occurred early that year. His son got entangled with religious fanatics who attacked him on mistaken identity and injured him. He had a very serious spinal cord injury, hence sge was worried about his safety.

She narrated the story that led to the build up of her son’s disappearance.

She added: My son was a popular Christian Evangelist/Business Man dealing on food items in Lagos state but shuttles North particularly Benue State for Business and Evangelism. Early 2023, he travelled to Benue and on getting there, he allegedly preached to some customers as his usual practice before engaging into the business, some of them who were Moslem religious fanatics came and attacked him and in the process they mistakenly shot one of their members and claimed he was the one that killed him.

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“They wanted to kill my son, but luckily the Police came to the scene and picked him up, got all his details and kept him under detention. The fanatics succeeded in indicting him allegedly before the police who later turned it to a Murder Case.

“I was told he successfully escaped from the police one night and ran back to Lagos for his dear life but unknown to him and because he gave all his details to the police, they released the information to the fanatics and placed him on wanted List. That was unfortunate.

“The fanatics/hoodlums came after him in Lagos and he finally went into hiding, till date. As u speak to you I haven’t set my eyes on my son.

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“I don’t know how they traced our family home in Anambra, on getting there they didn’t see him, but they went to my home, thinking my son was hiding there, but why when they couldn’t find my son in the village, they burnt the house”.

“I am pleading with anyone who knows how to assist my son stay alive not to hesitate as the hoodlums who burnt my house were mean. The threat of killing my son and burning of my house is traumatizing me. Now that they have burnt it, what next do I do? Please God, Safeguard my son’, she concluded.

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