Why Anambra Must Focus On The Next Generation And Not Next Election – Activist

Human Rights activist and Public Affairs Analyst Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme has described justice as prelude to political stability and peace in Anambra State.

In a press statement to educate, enlighten, mobilise and influence citizenry for active participation in next year’s governorship election and to douse political tension in the state.

It is pertinent for Anambra political gladiators and supporters to think about next generation and not next election and use Covid-19 hardship to provide palliatives stimulus to the Indigents citizenry.

Significantly, governorship aspirants should embark on peace building measures and discourage their adherents from casting aspersions on their perceived opponents.

It will be of great relevance for them to tell Anambrarians their positive contributions towards socio-economic, political and human development of the state and their manifestos and how they intend to accomplish it.


Citizenry should be active followers, ask questions on how their resources are utilises by government.

Most importantly they should obtain their permanent voters card and ensure that they cast their votes in next year governorship election.

It is very unfortunate political apathy and indifference displayed by citizens in previous elections.

It is incredible but existential reality that during last governorship election and general election less than 25 percent of electorate cast their votes.

It is of prime importance for stakeholders to take decisive, positive and aggressive enlightenment campaigns to educate citizenry on inevitable need for active participation in the electoral process, if a wrong candidate emerge as winner those who failed to cast their votes should be blamed.

Worthy of note is that if we fail to take interest in politics, it does not mean that politics will not take interest in us because it determines political, economic, religious and social direction of every country. Docile followers precipitate docile leadership and bad governance.

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According to Edmund Burke the reason while we are been govern as fools is because good people do nothing in addition to the hottest place in hell are meant for those who remain neutral in a period of moral crisis.

I most passionately appeal to stakeholders to play the game according to the rules.
It is necessary and indispensable for political class to discards with great disdain the services of sycophants, praise singers, over zealous supporters and those who gossips and tells them what they want to hear and not what they need to know for their pecuniary and selfish interest.
Politician’s and leaders should be humble enough to accept constructive criticisms as greatest weapon and ingredients for sustenance, growth and development of our democracy.

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Aspirants and politicians should call their over zealous supporters to orderliness and to desist and resist from provocative and destructive and unsubstantiated allegations against their imagine opponents because it is a threat and impediments towards development of our democracy and democratic culture .

It will be of great relevance and importance for interest of justice, equity and peace for all political parties to strictly adhere to unwritten zoning arrangements formulated by former governor Peter Obi in order to ensure absolute peace and tranquility in the state .

Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme .Author, Social Critic and Human Rights Activist.

What are your thoughts?

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