Of Soludo And The Hordes Of Misinformation


By Aloysius Okwuosa

In the last week, we have read the hordes of misinformation emanating from opposition elements against the person and yet to be declared aspiration of Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo.

This is not unexpected, we anticipate more hideous propaganda in the days ahead. Those who know Soludo understand that he didn’t get to this height of Global and National acclaim by being uncouth and morally repugnant. His records are sterling, with a reign of National prosperity second to none in post Democratic Nigeria. In recognition of this, the Council of States decorated him with the third highest National Honour — CFR. None before him and after him has earned this laurel. Indeed, Nigeria is grateful to Soludo.

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Soludo’s towering profile in the build up to November 6 2021 election has become a source of concern and serial depression to those who feel they stand no chance if he is in the race. This is why they have resorted to falsehoods and repulsive reportage against him.

We are not ignorant of the devices of the opponents, this is why it has become imperative to place his teeming supporters and well-wishers on notice. This negative trend must be discouraged from our polity, especially now that such misinformation could be a source of immeasurable fatalities that may be inimical to the peace our State currently enjoys.

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Elections are periods of ideation. The electorates are in search of value propositions that can better their lot, not propaganda. This, I think, is the belief and preoccupation of Prof. Soludo and members of his team at this time, having monitored their engagement so far. It is in the best interest of our State and the collective good of our people that all political gladiators maintain peace and put the interests of Ndi Anambra over and above their personal ambition.

Anambra is a unique State and must continue to set the right examples at every time. We can not go back to the familiar past. Not for any reason.

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Prof. Soludo is a brand associated with decency and cannot become disappointingly condescending for any reason. Not even politics or elections can change this fact. I know this for a surety that Soludo is a firm personality. It takes one who is of strong character to bring sanity to the shark infested sea that was our Financial system.

A Greater Anambra requires that we devise New Dimensions to doing all that is fair and positive.

Happy New Month Ndi Anambra.

Aloysius Okwuosa is a Financial Expert/Public Affairs Analyst from Oraifite. Ekwusigo LGA. He is based in Lagos.

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