Uncloaking Anambra State CP JOHN ”CENA” ABANG

Keen followers of development in the sports and entertainment industry at the global stage with reference to the world wrestling entertainment (WWE) are conversant with the name John Cena, an American Mariner and an 11th time WWE world heavy weight champion. The name John Cena is associated with success, endurance, tact, intelligence.

The piece is aimed at Juxtaposing between the American John Cena, the acclaimed champion of the wrestling world and the Anambra State Police Commissioner, CP John Abang and drwaing similarities from the duo.

Uncloaking Anambra State CP JOHN ''CENA'' ABANG

Constitutionally, the Nigeria police has the onerous task and responsibility of providing security to the lives and property of Nigerians.

Amidst the mudslinging and calumnious campaign against the officers of the Nigeria police occasioned by the conduct of some officers who are viewed more as predators than protectors and who are deeply enmeshed into unprofessional, unmitigated, unfettered corruption, criminal conduct, abuse and unaccountability to the citizens it is meant to serve.

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CP John ”CENA” Abang, fdc, The Anambra State Police Commissioner, a crossriverian from ogoja extraction, An alumni of both ABU Zaria & Unilag. A versatile, well versed and grounded in International Studies and Criminal Justice Administration stands aloof, towering above the ranks and file of the police force, a ray of light, a beacon of hope, a reformed digital crime fighter, an institution in community policing, a Nigerian police officer whose personal and exemplary lifestyle, commitment in working in difficult and often dangerous terrain and unpleasant conditions.

Like the WWE John CENA, his imprint in the Petroleum sector in Anambra State is glaring as he continues to engage relevant stakeholders in mitigating crisis in the industry. He is a champion of the downtrodden, the strenght of the poor and helpless citizens who would have been exposed to nefarious activities of merchants of death who would stop at nothing in endangering the lives of Ndi Anambra through adulteration of petroleum products and sales of stolen products from oil bunkers.

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The man, CP John ”CENA” Abang is a noiseless but an effective and humble police officer, his pattern of policing and proactive engagement is commendable. Since his emergence as the Anambra state CP, he has continued to showcase humanity amidst professionalism.

how would you describe a man who has personally reached out to indigent citizens who has been hospitalised and unable to meet their hospital bills, clearing the backlog of their medical bill without media funfare? a man whose magnimity extends beyond the boundaries of Anambra State.

An astute anti corruption czar who reproves acts of menace by his officers. He is committed to Winning the trust and confidence of the citizens and maintaining the reputation of the force. He lives, exemplifies and expects a higher standard from his officers. He is an embodiment of compassion and love in the personal welfare of his officers and Anambrarians at large. He readily defends the weak and downtrodden,
Upholds and defends the freedom of Ndi Anambra ever ready to sacrifice for the teeming populace to live.


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