Umu-Obennebo Adagbe Avomimi Enugu-Ukwu tree

Umu-Obennebo Adagbe Avomimi Enugwu – Ukwu Launches family tree genealogy

Umu-Obennebo Adagbe Avomimi family Enugwu-Ukwu at Njikoka Local Government Area has launched the second edition of their genealogy and family tree.

The Obennebo traces its genealogy to Obennebo Onyeso who lived in the eighteen century. This they are doing to educate their younger ones.

His father, Onyeso was the great grandson of Egweluka, who himself was a grandson of Onana, believed to be the founder of Avomimi.

The descendants of Obennebo, known as Umu-Obennebo, are found in Enu-Avomimi and Adagbe-Avomimi, the two sections of Avomimi village of Enugwu-ukwu

However, the Obennebo kindred of Adagbe-Avomimi traces it’s lineage from four of the sons of Obennebo, namely, Nwadiuka, Okoye, Nwankwo and Bulana.

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Chairman of Umu-Obennebo family meeting and the former Director General of Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria, Mr Ben Egbuna who recalled that the first edition of the genealogy of Umu-Obennebo was edited in December 1990 highlighted the importance of keeping history in record as it will give the younger generation to know their background and people who are part of their family.

Chairman on the occasion and Managing Director of ABS Mr. Uche Nworah urged them to ensure that the publication is updated for reference purposes, including storing at libraries, creation of websites, and social platform which he promised to sponsor.

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Mr. Nworah commended all who contributed to the publication stressing that the record of family genealogy should be maintained for the benefit of future generation.

In a speech the Chief launchers on the programme, Mr. Okwy Egbuna lauded Umu-Obennebo Adagbe Avomimi for their painstaking efforts in compiling and publishing the second edition which he noted traced the family roots is a challenging experience.

The event featured unveiling of the Book “Genealogy Umu-Obennebo of Adagbe Avomimi, Enugwu-ukwu”

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