The Success Riddle By Livy-ElconEmereonye

There are certain things that are far beyond human control – and aging is one of them. We change and grow old by the day on a per second basis and it is good to do so in wisdom. It is better toage gracefully, and become a blessing to oneself and others. This is made possible when one is at peace with man and God, working to make the world abetter place for peaceful coexistence.

However big your aspiration and whatever your calling, the world is big enough for everyone to live and do exploits. Whatever your achievement, others will still have theirs without posing any threat to you. Everything to make life meaningful and peaceful exists sufficiently for our use including problems and troubles – and everyone who earnestly seeks them, finds them. It is a matter of priority based on realization and conviction. Thus, life, to a great extent, is what we make it. No one’s successcan stop you from achieving yours, and you can by no means truly stop another person’s success.

To make it big, think big. Look around and you will see opportunities – endless opportunities – begging to be explored. With a mind that believes in possibilities and great exploits, conduct your life for laudable achievements. The good news is that you can doso many things and excel in them, bearing in mind that “failure” is an integral part of success. The path of success has many spots for failure, and every great mind sees failure as a step for success. On the path of victory, thereare many spots of discouragement and vicious pains – use them very well even with some degree of repulsion.

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One of the secrets for successfulliving is love – unconditional love – that sees the best in everyone and everything. It is the magic wand to turn weakness into strength, enmity tofriendship, and lack to abundance. It equips for peace and promotes collaboration built on justice and trust. It causes things to happen. With genuine love, tolerance, accommodation and appreciation are available for use -and everyone loves to be appreciated. We can achieve a lot with an attitude of love. Do it but with caution. You can force yourself to love people but youcannot force people to love you. Sometimes, your good intentions may be misunderstood and your good be abused. Someone you denied yourself comfort to uplift may deliberately go out to put you in pains even without justification or a cause. Human beings can be funny and some are ingrates and worse than beasts. Thus, there must be justice in love.

But to be truly successful, making complex things simple becomes necessary. Therefore, demystify the mystery and touch lives in diverse ways preferably positively. Don’t just provoke discussion but also proffer solutions and cause things to happen. With decency, give life a meaning. Beautify the world and empower people. Hide nothing good from others but rather share that which you want to multiply and preserve. The simple secret of receiving is giving – and the more you give, the more you will receive because no one can out give Nature.

It has been proven beyond doubt thatit is better to build than to destroy, and the persistent act of building is another secret for perpetual youthfulness. Occupy yourself with good, constructive and productive thoughts and you will see bright stars and go forthem even from behind strong bars. Think of possibilities and you would have solutions to problems. That it has not happened does not mean it cannot happen;that it has not been done does not mean it cannot be done. Think about it. There is always room for improvement so we can do and undo things if only we dare. We can modify things and create new ones. Just believe, and do it right. The world is full of opportunities – and there is no limit to what you can conceive and achieve.

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Take time to observe things and you would be surprised at your observation, discovery. View life from every anglefor a broad perception and wider perspective. Embrace life for what it is. Strive to get the best from every situation even in the worst situation and pains. Everyone has a need and every need can be managed for efficiency and productivity. Oh, it is lack that defines abundance; threats provide more opportunities; trial makes for triumph. Yes, most gains come with pains and through pains.

Expect everything from everyone atevery point in time so as not to be disappointed at any outcome at any giventime. Blackmail and betrayal are common in human relationships and they are dangerous political tools often deployed by little minds! Make rooms for them and use them for the ultimate good of mankind. Do everything to turn every attack into a factor for growth and excellence. Make forgiveness your greatest revenge.

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Be reminded that you can only be criticized and condemned if there is something in you. Though constructive criticism that proposes something after opposing another and proffers solutions to problems pays, not everyone can do it right so welcome criticism and learn the lessons therein. In the face of tough opposition, be focused, encouraged and strong to move forward. You will only receive a pull or a push when you arein the front.

Some people can hate you out ofnothing but more out of complex. Whatever the case, may those who plot your downfall fall into the bottomless pit.  May those who dig graves for you be buried in the same grave they dug. May those who swear that you can only make it over their dead bodies watch your coronation before they die… As you say, “Amen”, repent and change your ways if you are among those being addressed here before it becomes too late for the law of sowing and reaping is constant.

Know yourself. Do your best. Bear your cross. Cry your own cry. Endure your pains. Pay your dues to make the world a better place. Enjoy your life. There is only one you on earth so liveto the full without being a clog in someone’s wheel of progress.

Live and let live is the simple stand the best rule of life. Embrace it and you will enjoy the success puzzles and riddles.

What are your thoughts?

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