The Need To Keep Our Environment Clean

The government must set rules for a society, which help its members relate well with one another.

Every government expects its citizens to be men and women of good character who are obedient to the laws of the state and respect the rule of law. This is among the most important obligations of the citizens towards the government. A good citizen contributes to the good ordering of the state and the environment.

No doubt, Governor Willie Obiano’s administration is committed to addressing environmental challenges in Anambra state. This is evident in promulgating a law to establish the Anambra State Clear Drainage and Forest Preservation Agency to ensure clean drainage systems and Sewage as well as create and maintain forests in the state.

Recall that in September 2020, Governor Obiano declared that blocking drainages across the state would be considered a criminal offence. He warned people who block drainages with refuse to desist or face sanctions. The governor also said that the government had constituted a task force to apprehend offenders, including those who failed to clear drainage in front of their houses and business areas.


It is a well-known fact that blocked drainage is a major contributory factor to flooding in any environment. Most failed roads are a result of floodwater finding its way into the roads because its paths have been blocked, thereby causing havoc on the roads.

Flooding, silted drains, building on flood channels and poor waste management has been major bane to development across the state. Thus, a waste management system requires attitudinal change and cooperation of the public. The state citizenry needs to cultivate the right environmental practices to protect the environment as well as their health.

Whatever one is doing, he or she needs to make out time to attend to the immediate surroundings, especially now that the rainy season is around the corner. There is a need for people to engage in periodic clean-up exercises to open up flood channels. We must tidy up our surroundings to enhance healthy living.

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A dirty and polluted environment breeds diseases and infections like typhoid fever, malaria, Lassa fever, diarrhoea and even the coronavirus, which has brought the world to its knees, among many others.

As citizens of good character, our goodness needs to reflect in all we do, including our environment. Let’s use today, which is environmental sanitation, to keep our surroundings clean. Gather your family members, neighbours, fellow traders and participate in today’s clean up exercise.

Stop littering your surroundings with refuse. There are designated areas where you are expected to dump your refuse for the appropriate agency to carte them away. Ndigbo is known for its cleanliness. Unfortunately, it seems that the value is fast eroding us.

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Our penchant for cleanliness must be revived if we must save our environment from degradation. Anambra is the only state we have. Let us join hands together to keep the state clean, healthy and preserved for posterity.

What are your thoughts?

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