Going Local on our Politics:the meetings of the gods against Nomadic Politics at Ogbo Afere.

Ichere the deity in charge of aka ntutu was skewed over the message of repentance being preached by ABUKE OBOSI, the apostle of ire Ani mmadu or eresia eregharikwa, he was pissed because he argued that his own sin is minor to compare with that of ABUKE, while this brick bat fumes raged, I was busy resting at the house of “OGBASARA GI”.. But then, I have to come out with Towel that is not large enough to cover the Perimeter of My WEPU ANYA GI, when I saw the minions of the two deities bringing out Amuma na egbe Igwe as weapons of settling argument , which I know they will unleash on humanity and the humanity in question are those living in close proximity to the meeting point, so I came out cleared my throat just to attract attention and everywhere came to  standstill as they greet me with “MKPISI NDI EGEDE”, and I breath a fake sigh of relief, not because I have conquered the impending trouble, but because of what I abandoned halfway and Join them and if I delay much, it means the Tyre will deflate and I have to wait for it to be activated again, but perish that thought as I waded into the problems they are arguing…


My question to the DUO was, how did the Sky rocket price of RICE that started since we took the change mantra that turned to Chain affect the gods?

Kedu nke Udene na Barber? 

How did the uncivilised price of Dollars, or say the position we found self as the Giant of Africa with brain of  Toddler, with the step of a cripple, the advancement of Normads, the Crab mentality that kept us in Bondage which is self-inflicted , how can we speak on the affairs of any Nation when our own Nation remains the only One in Africa that still depend on TIGER Generator for Electricity, since what we generate is not even enough to power the Factories at NNEWI if all should be evacuated to that Region and or Town. 

We still borrow money from China or any Tyrant that has money soaked in Devils pot of soup, we take it without minding the brutal consequences that is eminent. 

Imagine a Nation in Limbo, the Nation that groans with Austerity and Baptised with Recession, we are the Joke of the World, despite the fact that we have the best Hardworking Youths that litters the World doing menial jobs and committing Crimes of Epic proportion, but the psyche has been withered and many believe that the destiny of the Nation lies with those WHO CAN’T REMEMBER what are the components of success ,With ACADEMIC deficiency and retarded growth, but I digress… with the currency serving as global Tissue or breaking point to all currencies, in fact it is only Naira that every local currency beats like Brigade Band.. Imagine

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South Africa: Rand 1= 79 Naira

Angola: 1 kwanza = 12 Naira

Botswana: 1 Pula = 28 Naira

Cape Verde: 1 Escudo = 8 Naira

Algeria: 1 Dinar = 12 Naira

Egypt: 1 Pound = 35 Naira

Eritrea: 1 Nakata = 18 Naira

Ethiopia: 1 Birr = 19 Naira

Ghana: 1 Cedi = 56 Naira

Gambia 1 Dalasi = 9 Naira

Kenya: 1 shilling = 6 Naira

Liberia: 1 Dinar = 8 Naira

Lesotho: 1 Loti = 19 Naira

Libya: 1 Dinar = 156 Naira

Morocco: 1 Dirham = 176 Naira

Madagascar: 1 Ariary = 14 Naira

Mauritius: 1 Rupee = 16 Naira

Malawi: 1 kwacha = 21 Naira

Mozambique: 1 Metical = 24 Naira

Namibia: 1 Dollar = 32 Naira

Seychelles: 1 Rupee = 22 Naira

Sudan: 1 pound = 42 Naira

Swaziland: 1 Lilangeri = 19 Naira

Tunisia: 1 Dinar = 150 Naira

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Zambia: 1 kwacha = 28 Naira

Even the worst economies of Africa now have more valuable Exchange rate than us.

As at today $1 = N370

€1 = N450

£1 =N540

N1,000,000 is less than $4000.

…and another quote copied provides. That Leaders in other Nations are well prepared.. 

Putin (Russia): Lawyer

Trump (America): Economics degree

Merkel (Germany): PhD physical chemistry

Xi Jinping (China): Chemical engineering and Doctor of Law

Buhari (Nigeria): WAEC not found and other related Academics laurel also not found.. 

I stopped being angry or acting one, because poverty of the Mind has taking over the conscience of the Youths and the adults, and now we all reason with Normadic prism. 

We still have a redemption Era, seems the Greatest God has once again afford us the platform to choose this year what we want, the path that led to REDEMPTION or the path toward retrogression, Austerity, weakness, pettiness, decadence and Nepotism with despotism. 

As the gods stood transfixed watching and listening to me, I simply walk away with my hands holding helm of the Towel covering my Loins, I turned back and move back with a walk out question. ARE WE CURSED AS A NATION OR WE ARE THE CAUSE? 

Mazi Odera POg

What are your thoughts?

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