Tension in Amichi as Army, Police intend to invade the Community over town Union Election


Unless Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state does something urgent in Amichi this morning by ordering that the status quo of electing their town Union stands, there will be bloodlet, Odogwu reports.

According to sources who spoke to www.odogwublog.com this morning the youths are set for a showdown with the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police if they invade their Community”.

The youths told Odogwu Blog that : ‘we were informed by a reliable source in Amichi that Amichi will conduct its election for the President General of Amichi on the 5th of April 2021. It is important to note that during the 2016 Amichi presidential election, which was observed by Anambra government officials, that Amichi agreed that each quarter would take turns in selecting a candidate for adoption by Amichi general. That means that no election would be conducted. Rather, each quarter will present its candidate after primary election for ratification and affirmation by Amichi.
“Amichi is a town located in Nnewi South Local Government of Anambra State. Amichi has four quarters, Okpala, Udene, Afube, and Ebenasaa. Okpala was the oldest son of Amichi, while Ebenasaa was the youngest.
“Amichi had been in crisis that culminated into the imposition of care-taker committee by the government of Anambra State, that lasted for six years before the town conducted a general election on Easter Monday of 2016.
“In 2016, Ebenasaa Quarter presented the current President General, Daniel Ugwumba through the primary election done by Ebenasaa. Amichi had a different candidate for Ebenasaa, but Amichi accepted the candidate selected by Ebenasaa Quarter as mandated by the government observers. No one in Amichi objected or threatened to install another candidate. There was peace in Amichi through this 4-year period.
‘Turn to 2021, it was the turn of Okpala Quarter to present the next President General of Amichi. Some wealthy men in Amichi decided to intervene to project their favoured candidate rather than the candidate that emerged from Okpala Quarter election. The Youths of Amichi are incensed that the wealthy would once more hoist a god-fathered candidate on the town. Amichi Youths are insisting in maintaining the status quo that was used in 2016 for continuous peace in Amichi community..
“The wealthy Amichi man has paid the Nigerian Army from Onitsha division to be present on the date of the election (5th April,2021). The wealthy man has also sought the presence of at least 100 policemen at Amichi townhall to assure the emergence of his own candidate. Amichi Youths are not happy with this development and have resolved to use every means within their arsenal to defend their rights against the Nigerian Soldiers and the Police if those entities dared to prevent them from entering the townhall to foil any underhanded action by the wealthy man.
‘Amichi Youths have sought the involvement of the Nigerian Inspector General of Police, and the Nigerian Army Commander in Onitsha, to instruct their men to avert the inevitable disaster that will ensure during tomorrow’s election.
Appealing to Governor Obiano , the youths said: ” The Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willy Obiano must act to avoid this type of disaster and embarrassment in our state that would paint our state in a negative light.
“It is preposterous for the Nigerian Military and the Nigerian Police Force to use such unnecessary presence, and force for a general town union election in a town like Amichi. The military’s mandate is to defend the country, and not to observe and intimidate citizens during a town union election. The Inspector General of Police should caution Anambra State Commissioner of Police to stop such unnecessary incursion into an otherwise peaceful town.
“Amichi Youths have warned that the military and the police will experience the sort of resistance that has never been seen in this geographical area of Nigeria. They have cautioned that they are lying in wait and will defend their town with their last blood”.
www.odogwublog.com will report as things begin to unfold in Amichi. Stay tuned……….

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