Teacher Allegedly Rapes 15-yr-old Student Who Went To Report A Rapist To Him

An Islamic teacher, Ismaila Saheed, 38, and one Toliha Sabith, 20, have been arrested for alleged defilement of a 15-year-old girl.

They were arrested during the weekend by detectives attached to Redeemed Camp Police Station after the victim reported that the duo raped her on August 25, at Mowe.

The victim revealed that she was first raped by Sabith at Imedu_nla in Mowe and she went to confide in her Islamic teacher who also took advantage of her under the guise of helping her remove an imaginary pregnancy gotten from the first defilement.

The duo have since confessed to the crime. “She said she was raped by Sabith and she went to her Islamic and Arabic teacher to tell him about it.

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Having listened to her ordeal, the Arabic teacher Ismaila Saheed told her that she might have gotten pregnant as a result of the incident and he offered to help her remove the said pregnancy.

Surprisingly, instead of removing the imaginary pregnancy, he also had carnal knowledge of her, after which he inserted a sharp object into her private part causing her a serious vaginal injury,” said police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi.

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