Synod Birthday Person Of The Year! …Ike Nawfia


This is celebrating my dear brother, friend and fellow Crowtherian Rev. Chimdiebele JosephVictor Nkemsinachi (Ike Nawfia na Umunri) who has turned 42 today.

If you know Rev. Chimdiebele very well, you’d agree with me that he is one hell of a resilient, devoted and prodigous personality which has seen him summount quite a quantum of impressionable challenges of life, and equally what I choose to call ‘burden of destiny’. Indeed, in the art of Rev. Chimdiebele’s life I find a story that is so inspiring.

Ike Nawfia our brother, is a wonderful man who applies incredible energy into whatever he finds to do. A first class clergyman, and a loyal townsman (Ike Nawfia na agba ogu Nwanne, a trait we really need in most of our people), Ike is almost a perfect blend of social, professional and spiritual competencies all in one good man’s soul.

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As usual, Ike Nawfia seems to relish keeping faith with harmless controversies, which is why in his usual lovely and flamboyant style, he decided to call to wake, the Nawfia Awka Diocesan Synod, and completely crash its commencement with his birthday! what a divine coincidence!…I know Ike Nawfia, he must have gone to lobby heaven to achieve this feat! Lol.

Happy birthday to you my dear brother, friend, and loyal townsman.

May God Almighty this day and always, grant you your heart’s desire.

Shine on bro!


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