Shoemaker Who Kidnaps,Kills & buries his customers in soakaway caught by police.

http://Shoemaker Who Kidnaps,Kills & buries his customers in soakaway caught by police.

A Rivers State shoemaker who Kidnaps, Kills and buries his customers in soakaway in Etche caught by the police in Rivers State.

The Rivers State Police Command has paraded a man suspected to be a serial killer who has confessed that he specializes in abducting and killing his victims in an Igbo-Etche, Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The made this known to ODOGWU MEDIA that the suspect, Anthony Ndubuisi ‘m’ from Ngo-Okpala in Imo State but resides at Umuebulu Etche LGA. Who is also a shoemaker was paraded before journalists in his home in Igbo-Etche. He confessed to the heinous crimes and also disclosed that he has since abducted and killed four victims since he started the trade in February.

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He also showed the police and ODOGWU MEDIA the soakaway where he disposes off the dead bodies of his victims. When asked how he lures his victims, he said they are majorly his shoe clients who supply him with shoes to sell. He said he first strikes them on their hearts and then strangulates them on the neck.

“I am a shoemaker. I stay in Garrison with my wife and children. My wife is not aware of what I do. Only me stay in this house (in Igbo-Etche). “I started killing this February. I have kidnapped and killed four since I started. I kill them by holding them on their neck. I tell tell them I want shoes to sell and they being it,” he said.

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