Security: YAPJEN Lauds Anambra Police Commissioner, Warn Against Human Right Abuse.



A foremost Advocacy and Human right organisation, Youth Advocates For Peace, Justice And Empowerment Network (YAPJEN) has lauded the Anambra State Commissioner of Police (CP) Mustapha Danduara for his relentless efforts in riding Anambra State from the hold of miscreants and hoodlums who are bent on making the state unsafe for it’s citizens.


YAPJEN through it’s Executive Director, Amb. Timothy C. Nwachukwu stated that Anambra State has been in the news for the wrong reasons following the assassination of a prominent citizen of the state, the rise and nefarious activities of one chance robbery syndicate.

However, the leadership of the Nigeria Police in the state under CP Mustapha Danduara has through intelligence gathering, intensive raids on criminal hideouts and visible patrols risen to the occasion in curtailing the activities of the men of the underworld culminating to the arrest of two hundred and sixty four (264) suspects, comprising of two hundred and thirty one (231) suspected cultists, sixteen (16) one chance robbery syndicate, four (4) suspected kidnappers and ten (10) suspected armed robbers across the state as reported by the police Commissioner.

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Amb. Timothy Nwachukwu stated that the group has received complaints of police intimidation from the citizens and frowned at the activities of some bad eggs in the force whose modus operandi negates the rule of engagement expected from police officers. He stated that the police have no right to check people’s phones on the roads, streets or in their cars. People have a right to self dignity, which is a fundamental human right. Prying into people’s privacy — part of which is checking their phones and laptops — is tantamount to violating their rights to self dignity.

The Executive Director of YAPJEN charged the citizens that the police have the responsibility to conduct ‘stop and search’ on any property or a personal belonging that they have reasonable suspicions that it is a subject of crime. But “if a policeman searches your phone on the road, you have the right to report that policeman for disciplinary action to be taken. The citizen can also refuse to release his phone or ask the policeman if there is any report against him that he uses his phone for crime. If the officer says yes, the person should ask the policeman to take him to the police station to see if indeed there is any entry or petition made against him”.

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The group further eulogised the Anambra State Police Commissioner for the statement credited to him over the unprofessional conduct of some of his officers. The CP was qouted to have said “I warn you people against any form of extortion and corrupt practices. Any officer found wanting will face severe disciplinary action which may include outright dismissal from the force”.

© Amb. Timothy C. Nwachukwu
(De Peoples Advocate)
Executive Director,
Youth Advocates For Peace Justice And Empowernment Network(YAPJEN)

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