Second Coronavirus Case in Anambra: Gov Obiano Gives Details


Governor Willie Obiano

… Don’t Panic, Comply with COVID19 Protocol
…2 Test Centres to be Approved Next Week

A Special Broadcast on Covid-19 by the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano on Thursday 14th May, 2020.

  1. Ndi Anambra ekenem unu.
  2. I am here once again to address you on our efforts to protect Anambra State from the raging Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. As you would have heard from the media, our beloved state recorded a new case of Covid-19 yesterday. The new case returned from Kano on the 6th of May after a short business trip.
  4. It is saddening that despite our efforts to tighten security at the boundaries, this new case was able to sneak back into Anambra State after a trip to Kano.
  5. He is currently receiving attention in one of our Protective Care Centers. His residence has been sealed off and we have commenced aggressive contact tracing to minimize the wave of community spread that might arise from this case.
  6. Ndi Anambra, I urge you to be calm as Covid-19 Task Force is on top of the situation to ensure that this threat is quickly contained.
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Testing Centers:

  1. Ndi Anambra we are making gradual progress in our efforts to bring Covid-19 testing closer to our people. We have received assurances that the two laboratories that had been earmarked for approval shall be approved to operate fully as Covid-19 Testing Centers from next week.
  2. A special training for professionals who will work in the laboratories is currently going on in readiness for the inauguration of the laboratories.
  3. We have commenced aggressive case search in the 179 communities of Anambra State. This will help us ramp up the numbers in terms of testing and ensure immediate containment of any possible outbreak.
  4. We are also hopeful that when our laboratories become fully operational, we shall be able to conduct more tests.

No Need for Panic:

  1. Ndi Anambra, God has been on our side. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, we have had only two positive cases in Anambra State. We have made adequate arrangements for the containment of the pandemic.
  2. There is therefore no need for panic. I urge you to go about your business lawfully and in strict compliance to the protocols of Covid-19.
  3. These include regular washing of hands, the wearing of face-masks when stepping out, regular use of hand sanitizers and adherence to the principles of social distancing.
  4. I am sure that once we keep to these principles it shall be well with Anambra State.
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The Influx of People into Anambra State:

  1. Ndi Anambra we have been monitoring developments across the country. In particular, we are aware of the mass movement of young people in groups from most of the epicenters of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.
  2. As the Chief Security Officer of Anambra State, I have a responsibility to protect my people from avoidable threats to public health.
  3. Consequently, we have directed the security agencies to ensure that movement into Anambra State by individuals and groups shall no longer be allowed. We are determined to enforce the federal order restricting movement between states across the country.


  1. The nationwide curfew must be strictly observed in Anambra State. From now on, there will be no vehicular and human traffic into Anambra State from 8pm to 6am.
  2. This includes essential goods and services. Every movement into Anambra State must wait until the next morning.
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  1. I must sincerely commend all our illustrious brothers and sisters for the outpour of donations both to the state and to individual members of the society.
  2. In the words of Corretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King Jnr, the foremost African American civil rights hero, “the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
  3. Indeed, through the actions of our public spirited brothers and sisters who have risen to the challenge of Covid-19, the world has seen the greatness of Anambra State.


  1. In conclusion, Ndi Anambra the fight against Covid-19 is entirely in our hands. If we take full responsibility and conduct ourselves according to the guidelines prescribed by the WHO and NCDC on Covid-19, we shall win this war.
  2. God bless Anambra State
    God bless Nigeria

Willie Obiano

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