Say No To Piracy, Fake, And Counterfeit Products – APSON Boss Warns.


Some of the APSON Attendees

The Director General of Anti-Piracy Society of Nigeria, Frank Uduonu has taken his campaign to the Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs at the National Light Newspaper, Government House, Awka, Anambra State, In his effort to rid Nigeria of piracy, fake and counterfeit products, also brainstorm and strategize on the best possible ways of enlightening the youths on the dangers of piracy and counterfeit products with the aim of taking the message beyond the frontiers of Anambra State.

Some Attendees of APSON

He noted that the dangers associated with piracy and counterfeit products cannot be over emphasized as it bury Intellectual property, loss of revenue to entrepreneurs in particular and Government at large and promote mediocrity.

He also lamented that some producers manufacture fake and harmful goods across the Country just for selfish gains despite the dangers associated with it. However, Customers either consciously or unconsciously promote this ill air through their patronage, for it takes “two to tango”.

Mr. Frank Uduonu reiterated that” Health is Wealth” stressing that Nigerians suffer untold hardship as a result of consuming most fake and expired goods which seem relatively cheap compare to that of original goods. Fake drugs have caused many illnesses and death in the society at large. Adulterated industrial foods such as powdered and liquid milk, tobacco, tin and sachet tomatoes, canned drinks, palm oil, vegetable oil, sachet water etc. Pirated cd plates, books, Automobiles, and plagiarism are not left out.

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The APSON boss , said that generations are in chronological progression but humanity remains. One thing that perplexes humanity is ignorance, the ignorance is that of Socrates postulation “knowing the good and not doing the good”. Man in his ignorance has distorted the scale of happiness provided by humanity.

Some Attendees of APSO

Man in his gross out has lured many to dungeon.While Some people gain their selfish luxurious pleasurable life style at the expense of other’s collective happiness, many risk the health of many others for their own gains.

The end justifies the means syndrome seems to be the order of the day. Humanity according to him is really facing inhumane torment in the hands of the bad conscience of these evil doers who try to manipulate nature in order to turn normalcy into socio-economic, and socio-cultural malady. Yes! gods don’t kill people; people rather kill people, man is a wolf unto man.

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The Boss, having frowned at the attitudes of some human beings towards the life and health of their fellow human beings consolidated that the economy of people is the engine room and lifeline of the people.

Economic factors either make or mar the standard of life of people at a particular geographical area. In that case, human beings as rational beings must take precedence over economy in order to standardize this economy.

A state where this good adequate supportive rudimentary health livelihood is in absential; there lies the inception of bad conscience which paves ways for people to develop alternative strategic skills to make their livelihood meaningful to themselves at the risk of other innocent citizens who have decided not to go negatively to making their livelihoods but impoverished and have no other choices other than to go for the cheap products unaware of the fakery of those products.

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The APSON boss heartily commended Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State for his concerted efforts in keeping the State safe from Piracy and counterfeit product, APSON boss opined that perhaps, many would give excuses for engaging in piracy and counterfeit products because of the economic challenges bedeviling the Nation urged them to remember that “health is wealth”,stressing the need for perpetrators of these heinous crime to desist from it rather,they should be more creative and original as it is the only way to enhance Nigeria’s economic recovery and healthy living.

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