Dr. Alvan Ikoku’s Statue Knocked Down By TRACAS Vehicle In Imo State


Alvan Ikoku fallen statue

Tragedy was averted in Imo state last Wednesday when an Anambra State owned Transport Company (TRACAS) vehicle rammed into the statue of the late Dr Alvan Ikoku injuring two.

the statue and the vichicle

An eyewitness said that the accident happened around 2. 25pm on Wednesday 7/3/19. The vehicle was going into Owerri city along Orlu Road but suddenly veered into Alvan gate, ramming into Dr Alvan Ikoku Statue, the man who the College was named after.

front view of the accident scene

One passenger was rushed to FMC, while the driver was said to be slightly affected. Break failure was assumed.

the vehicle

Odogwublog.com wants to know what omen this has for the college? Good or evil?

What are your thoughts?

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