Re: No to Return of Gangster Politics in Anambra State

By Tony Ezike

PDP Interactive Forum (PIF) frowns at the recent attacks on the Anambra State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which although expected owing to the massive support and popularity the PDP is garnering in our dear state, but not to the degree of the series of ongoing sponsored blackmail against the party by some individuals, as well as a constituted authority.

Hon Tony Ezike (Founder PIF) yesterday while addressing some party members at the secretariat, said. I had wanted to be silent on the provocative DCC Nnewi attack on the fitness materials of a frontline PDP aspirant Valentine Chineto Ozigbo last Saturday and the malicious publications, but decided otherwise so that my silence as media anchor of the party will not be considered as an acceptance of the garbages being circulated by sponsored detractors of our great party.

First of all, I’m amazed that a sitting commissioner of information could reduce his official obligations to the concerns of one political party. The APGA Information Commissioner & Party Enlightenment like I choose to address him due to his unbecoming official conduct, which has shown that he sees Anambra State from the APGA point of view, rather than acknowledge the fact that APGA is but a political party among others in the state.

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C Don Adinuba had over the weekend accused PDP aspirants of fighting one another in an obvious case of an attack by suspected APGA and YPP agents at St Andrews Anglican Church Nnewi on Saturday 6th February, 2021. Common sense shows that it wasn’t from within PDP because during the walk, some onlookers were shouting that Nnewi is for YPP, but APGA cannot possibly be exonerated at this point since their spokesman has taken sides already.

Careless as he was, the APGA commissioner took to the Media and alleged that the attack was masterminded by PDP aspirants and stakeholders who doesn’t want Ozigbo as party candidate. The commissioner should either name the perpetrators or we’ll take it that he’s lying to the citizens, perhaps with a view to covering the tracks of the perpetrators.

It is very unfortunate and absolute show of irresponsibility that a learned public figure could jump into conclusions in such delicate matter without evidence of proper investigation, in a bid to downplay the growing influence of PDP while promoting a party (APGA) that has caused more grief to the citizens and led others to untimely death through massive extortion, exploitation and punitive economic policies.

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The crop of cabinet officers presently working in Anambra State today underscores the administrative disparity between Obi and Obiano’s leadership styles, and Anambrarians are already regretting voting the party considering how badly the APGA party has faired since the advent of the incumbent administration.

Most indicting was the fact that C Don Adinuba mentioned repeatedly that the thugs told Ozigbo whom he described as rookie (novice in the political terrain) in his derogatory publication and his supporters never to visit Nnewi for campaign in future. If that wasn’t a confirmation of APGA’s complicity in the DCC attack, I wonder how else to describe the statement.

Again, linking the PDP to a regrettable mayhem unleashed on institutions of government in the past is to say the least mischievous and laughable. This is so because PDP as a political party is run by an executive committee which is particularly concerned with party affairs, so thuggery is not part of PDP constitution. That was why the former image maker of APGA His Excellency Mr Peter Obi rebuilt the touched facilities and moved on…

The best thing APGA should do now is to embark on massive maintenance of our porthole ridden roads since it has become rocket science for them to construct new ones, pay and reinstate ANSEPA and WATER BOARD staff as ordered by the Labour Industrial Court Enugu since 2014.

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The Willie Obiano government that have been owing these civil servants for the past 7 years should stop wasting taxpayers money on paying lawyers to sustain the matter in court while the civil servants affected are dying of hunger in their numbers. It is sad that a commissioner for information could neglect such pertinent issue, as well as non conduct of LGA elections which is needed to address development issues at the grassroots level.

Indeed, the incumbent administration has deviated from all known principles of democracy and resorted to frivolities and irrelevant procedures of statecraft regrettably. This leaves the people of Anambra State with one option, voting them out at the ballot and ushering in a people oriented governor of PDP extraction, the only party that remembered the masses and selected health facilities in the Post COVID-19 palliatives, while the state government hid theirs in warehouses which led to untimely death of many Anambrarians in the course of search for food.

What are your thoughts?

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