Post Christmas, and New year Holiday Blues -by Chukwuebuka C. Oguocha


The fun and pleasure experienced during Christmas, and new year celebration, is such that drives our mind away from the pressing responsibilities, and challenges of life, though on the basis of temporality.

Christmas, and new year celebration, as a season that potentially sets in joyful moments, to some extents in the course of engaging in some activities, that appears to be an integral part, proves to be stressful; but cognizance is barely taken of the stress, since it’s a moment consciously embraced as a time for celebration.

Invariably, this is to say that, escaping from the stress, and pressures caused by our day to day routines, doesn’t guaranty entire freedom from them, even as Christmas, and new year as a season of jubilation is observed.

This piece tends to discuss the post Christmas, and new year holiday challenges, even as the aforementioned hinted on the stress before, and during the celebrations.

For many years, Austin and his family had not traveled home for Christmas, or to observe any other festive period, just like many other family does, till his wife and children, who seemed to envy their acquaintances, after narrating their experiences to them.

After much persuasions from his wife and children, Austin concurred to his family’s demand to travel home for Christmas, and new year celebration.
Prior to the schedule time, Austin and his wife toured the market to buy all sort of stuffs, which they will travel with. Having their relations in mind, especially as they had for a long time not been with their relations at home, they thought it necessary to purchase lots of presents to share, aside other things.

Austin and his family was in high spirit, and could barely contain their joy, as they reunited, and celebrated with their friends, and relations they had long parted with.
Austin went out of his way to throw a party, to host his friends ,and relations. he and his wife also made out time to visit friends, and relations, and in the course of their visits, the couple gave out gifts and money.

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When it was certain that Christmas and new year holiday was over, and many had continued with their normal life routine; therefore those who left their base to observe the holiday at their hometown, just like Austin and his family, were already leaving in their numbers.

Austin who was high spirited during the celebrations, suddenly became a troubled soul; the thought about the bills he had to renew, as another year set in, and the unplanned extravagant expenses he made in the course of the celebrations, dampened his spirit, and was left a distressed soul after all.

Post holiday blues, or syndrome, just like the character, Austin above suffered, had been a normal phenomenon in the society, after every Christmas and new year holiday, due to lack of calculative preparations.

As the nature of the season demands, it’s common to make certain expenses, buy and share goodies, give out money to loved ones, and even spend miscellaneously, but even at that; it’s wisdom for one to consider his capability, and capacity, so as to be able to make a strategic, and suitable decisions.

Many had indeed, made such mistake of spending more than required to their detriment, as they enjoy the pleasure of the seasons.
Therefore, if any one had once experienced post holiday blues, or is experiencing any form of distress, that ensued after Christmas, and new year holiday, here are few suggestive tips to help you get over the situation.

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Planning: Making plans before making any decision or embarking on any project should be a paramount thing to do, as it helps one see the risk that are likely to occur, thereby giving him the opportunity to proffer a means to curb any potential risk, for a fulfilling end.

Having said that, planning the year ahead, as you prepare your self for the holiday puts you in charge of every thing you do, as you, even as you work towards having a swollen time with your family and friends.

When you have in mind, the bills you have to foot as another year clocks in; the rents, school fees, power bills, and many others, and you estimate the cost, you will then be clever in your expenses to be on the safe sidWhen you celebrate.

Calmness: It’s better to try to be calm, when the mind is troubled by some issues that seem disturbingly pressing. Though, it’s not any easy putting the mind to a state of calmness when it’s already tensed up with great level of distress, but it’s benefit counts.
Calming the mind from that post holiday blues with time gives back the power to think, and proffer possible solutions that soothes the tension.

Gentle on Resolutions: The “New year New resolution“ phrase, has certainly become a mantra, that even when not mentioned, from the actions of many, at the launch of a new year, can be detectable.
Many people tend to be so mean, in their course to fulfill the new year resolution goals they set for themselves.
It’s better, especially in that state of post holiday distress to go gentle, as this will help avoid unwanted mistakes, and rush in to rash achievements.

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Engage in Activities: Apart from the suggestion of engaging in certain activities, as part of solutions for one in distress, it’s befitting that as social beings, that we engage in various social activities, that will definitely improve our social lives.
Therefore, being able to engage precisely, in any social activities, assists in clearing the mind from what ever trouble, that may have lurked in.
For instance, as a member of a social club; by trying to contribute ideas that will promote the interest of your club, simply takes tour mind off your problems.

Living Healthy: It’s a choice for one to either live healthy or not, as these had been the case of many.
Subscribing to health enhancing activities should rather be a life style, as it helps keep up life itself, and prevents limited achievements.

That one is facing some life challenges, or struggling with some blues, shouldn’t be a guarantee to live unhealthy, rather the situation should be more of a moment to partake in healthy living, to avoid sympathetic attentions. Good healthy living, is common with engaging in exercises, observing balanced diet in your food intake, and eating the necessary fruits for good health.

Finally, man is bound to encounter some challenges that are bent on putting him off track, yet how we deal with them determines how we survive them. So, the above suggestions a just few of the possible ways to deal with your probable post holiday blues.

What are your thoughts?

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