The Importance of Christmas Holiday, as it Concerns Family Bonding. By:Chukwuebuka C. Oguocha


The purpose of Christmas had gone beyond just commemorating, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and the exchange of gifts and good wishes which is done in a grand style by majorly the Christian faithful.
Aside the stated knowledge of what Christmas entails, it’s worthy of note; the important role this remarkable moment plays in our families.

Also, Christmas holiday disconnect us from stress, and reconnect us with family and friends, which is the most important time to spend with loved ones.

Christmas celebration have always been perceived the favorite time for friends and families to gather; It’s universal importance is sure unarguable, as it’s more respected, and preferred among other observed celebrations in each unfolding years.

The distinct sensation that comes with this Eve, is caused by some factors; one of which is the reunion of long parted family members, due to susceptibility to certain changes, which prompted situations that led to their dispersal.

Apart from the biological families, other extended families by kinship, who probably have events to run, and needed the mass turn up of friends, and families, with the knowledge of the importance, and respect bestowed on Christmas celebration as well as it’s influence on people, many rather preferred to fix their events during that period.

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Christmas holiday is largely the favorite time most families preferred to leave their temporal bases, and travel to their home towns, as most believed that the full fun of the Eve could be achieved when they travel home, aside the fun filled events that were sure to unveil, to meet with family members, who they probably had not met for a long distant time.
This family reunion automatically brings about the enhancement of emotional bonding, as they engaged in different home based activities together.

No dispute to the fact that family that spend quality time together, share stronger emotional bonds, and this is achieved through different means.
This post will briefly highlight few potential ingredients that heightened family bonds, as the Christmas holiday progressed.

Sharing: Sharing had been a strong act during Xmas celebration. This is one ingredient that created quality moments, as it triggeres joy among family members. No doubt as expression of love, the singular act strengthened the unity of families that took part in it.
Aside affectionately giving out gifts by family members, which is the common one in mind, families also shared ideas, techniques, memories, belongings, and by so doing, a strong connection is built.

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Communication: This is an activity that can be somewhat considered common in any form of relationship, but it certainly has a strong effect as it’s impossible to build a well cordial relationship without good communication process.
The impossibility of any family not to interact with themselves had made it near impossible not to have certain level of emotional connection.
Through communication, any family member who suffers fear, or any form of challenge had the opportunity to express them, after which solutions were proffered. This in turn gives, not just the victim, but the entire family a sense of belonging.

Games: Many families involving games in their Christmas holiday routines, considered it a means to generate more fun, and should not be neglected.
The cheer, and laughter that ensued during the game experience, enhanced family connections.

Family Traditions: Many families has ideas and practices that form a family culture, which also coordinate the behavior, and activities of a family.
Family traditions, or culture is especially essential on the sides of the children, as it is also a valuable tool for raising children.
Families with tradition, build their social values, maintain family ties, and promotes sense of heritage in children. This is also achieved easily when families gather to observe the Christmas, and new year celebration together.
From the few listed ingredients, as activities that enhances emotional bonding among families, during Christmas holidays, was your family missing out on any of this, and you wish that your family experience a strong connection like other families next Xmas celebration? Introduce the knowledge you’ve gathered and happily watch your family take a new turn.

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Chukwuebuka C. Oguocha is a proficient creative writer, with an interest in affecting lives, through his fictional works, which cut across all literary genres. He is also a screenwriter, motivational, and inspirational content writer. He is the author of the book, “Happy At Last”, an educative children’s literary fiction, about proper child upbringing, and he’s an author with ,

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