Nigeria In Distress Prayer by Paul Chika Emekwulu


by Paul Chika Emekwulu

I have a problem with “Nigeria in Distress Prayer” prayed in some Catholic churches in Nigeria. This prayer has been prayed for several years now and is still being prayed, and perhaps, will continue to be prayed.. A relevant question is:

What has changed? Not even little but nothing.

The Igbo translation of the prayer says:

“Nigeria nọ n’ihe oke egwu.

Some, if not a majority of us can identify with this popular prayer.

Fortunately for me, I am not the only pebble on the beach. I am not the only pebble on the beach because some people agree with me that the prayer is not necessary. It is not necessary not that we don’t believe in the efficacy of prayers because we do. It is not necessary because we’ve intentionally refused to do what the Bible says (among others) in Proverbs 12:22 and Ephesians 4:25.

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Let’s express the above differently by stating the following equations on honesty. On one hand,

Honesty + Honesty = Honesty

That is the first equation. The number one benefit of honesty is honesty itself. Honesty, in other words begets honesty.

On the other hand,

Honesty + Dishonesty = Dishonesty

That is the second equation.

If we start obeying the first above mathematical equation in our lives, Nigeria will start being a better society, not a perfect society for there can never be a perfect society, unless what is perfect is defined. When such is defined we work towards it, and when the conditions are satisfied, then such a perfect society will exist.

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Unfortunately, no society in the history of man has ever strived to be a perfect one. With this prayer our society is not witnessing any change and will not even in the next 200 years and more.

When you believe that something is not working and you know clearly that it is not working, and you continue doing what you have been doing, that is called pretense. Moreover, when it is not working and you continue doing what you’ve been doing, you will continue getting what you’ve been getting.

Am I saying that those reciting that prayer every Sunday are pretending? Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

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Until we Nigerians are ready to embrace honesty and cuddle it as a child, Nigeria will continue to move backwards instead of forward. What we need is honesty as the word of God says in Ephesians 4:25 & Proverbs 12:22 and not Nigeria in Distress Prayer. What do you think?

What are your thoughts?

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