Odumeje, Mr. Flavour, The Dreaded Arondizuogu Shrine And The Ultimate Power

The newest music colloboration between Prophet Dr. Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere (Odumeje De Lion) and Ijele of Africa, Mr Flavour titled “Umu Jesus” is a message to all Nigerians across the globe and can best be described as a reaction to the debacle between Prophet Odumeje and Witch Doctors in Nigeria and beyond.

To millions of audience on social media, observers, pundits and critics, the music is a message sent to the whole world to reaffirm the supremacy of Jesus Christ over charms, witch doctors, occults and possessors of demonic power.

Recall that Nigerians across the globe who followed the debacle between the Onitsha, Anambra State based Prophet Dr. Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere (Odumeje De Lion) and the dreaded Arondizuogu shrine has continued to stand in awe over what can best be likened to Prophet Elijah and Prophets of Baal experience at Mount Carmel.

For the avoidance of doubt, Prophet Odumeje had in a video berated Christians who are afraid of returning to their village over fear that they may be harmed by village witch doctors cum evil men and women with occultic and diabolical powers.

Odumeje boasted that the name of Jesus Christ is higher and more powerful than any other power on Earth, he berated idol worshippers, hence his open challenge to native and witch doctors.

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His open challenge irked several idol worshippers, native and witch doctors in Arondizuogu who vowed in several online videos that Odumeje has come to the end of the road.

What would follow was despicable, as Native Doctors in Arondizuogu were seen on Viral videos which online as they enchanted Prophet Odumeje’s name before their deadly shrine. Some went as far a killing animals, breaking thier legs, some others went to the river and reported odumeje to river goddess. The crescendo of the epic challenge was the 7 days deadline giving to Odumeje to die.

Days later snowballed to weeks and the charms, curses, incantations made by izuogu people against Prophet Odumeje failed to have a single effect on him.

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Seeing thier predicament and thier inability to deal with him spiritually, They took thier case to the Nigeria Police, Anambra State Command where the matter was resolved.

However, Though the ashes ofthe debacle has continued to settle, Prophet Odumeje is rather emboldened.

Thus in his latest collabo with Mr Flavour, he declared that “Ike ka ike ka anyi na ekwu” when translated means, “We are talking about the power that is superior to other powers.”

Nigerians overtime has come to embrace prophet Odumeje with his style of music, Prophet Odumeje is loved for his courage in the potency of the power in the name of Jesus Christ, though many still disagree with his method of miracles, yet there are undeniable proofs of unbelievable miracles that takes place at intervention ground in Onitsha.

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People with liver and kidney failure, cancer of various degrees, blind, the afflicted with eni u’re which decays a person’s body among several ailments are been healed at Prophet Odumeje’s Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry Bida Road Onitsha.

Prophet Odumeje is an eye opener to those who still have their faith and Hope in some charms and rituals as he has been able to demonstrate to all and sundry that trully, There is only one God and only one power and that power is Jesus Christ.

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