Odogwublog Essay Competition: Who wins in Legacy University Okija?

By Felix Oti

With the conclusion of submission of entries for the www.odogwublog.com
*Competition for Mass Communication students in Anambra state* we are now looking for winners in your view from entries from Legacy University Okija

List who you think the winners are  from these essays in your own judgement.

Method to apply:  Like our Facebook page , then go to the essay to list your choices and reasons or Comments for that in comment section



B is the best followed by essay A and E before C ,D, E etc

The competition has N250, 000 for grabs

The students were asked to write not more than 500 words on why a prospective student should study Mass Communication in their School.

We have seven schools offering Mass Communication in the state excluding Paul University Awka which did not participate.

They are Federal Polytechnic Oko, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU Igbariam, Tansian University Umunya, Madonna University Okija, Legacy University, Okija, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and Odumegwu Ojukwu Polytechnic Ezinifite.

They are to convince the prospective students on why their Higher Institution is the best for Mass Communication studies among these schools.

*Submission deadline was given as January 20th , 2021

Through 08125606514 (WhatsApp only)

*1st Stage: Intra-school*
Entries will be assessed to determine winners within each school

Winner: N25, 000
1st runner-up: N15,000
2nd runner up: N10,000

And consolation prizes

*2nd Stage: Inter-school*
Winners from each school will compete among themselves to determine the overall winner.

Winner: N50, 000
1st runner-up: N30,000
2nd runner-up: N20,000

And consolation prizes

The statement was signed by Odogwu media Communications Limited
Publishers of www.odogwublog.com

See the essays of those who submitted entries for the competition from Legacy University Okija;

Number 1 A

Name: Okeke Goodness Amarachi


The name of my school is Legacy University Okija, it is located within a serene environment at Okija Local government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. Legacy University Okija, is the  best choice of institution for a prospective student who wants to study Mass Communication.
      The following reasons are; Firstly, the school environment is very conducive for learning and for serious academic work. The  School environment to some reasonable extent is  free  from any form of cult activities, deviant behaviors that can equally lead to student unrest, enables students to read, concentrate on their studies, socialize well and excel academically.
      Secondly, the university
has gotten  her accreditation in Mass Communication. That is
to say that it has  been given official approval after meeting certain
Criteria and standard to be read
as a course in Nigeria by the Nigeria University Commission. So, there
is no cause for doubt or fear as regards to its accreditation.
       In addition, the University has the basic and essential academic facilities which enables students to
perform well in Mass communication. They Include the studio which consist of  the radio and television station with their equipments, the Library which consist of different textbooks
written by different scholars and also a well equipped computer lab which enables students to
make a good number  of researches
as regards to the various topics they will be taught in their field. These facilities are being made available for students because the course is a practical one on its own and broad.
      More so, the University is well
equipped with qualified Lecturers. Lecturers who teach at the University, do not only impact knowledge on the students,
but also they make sure that
most of the students in class
comprehend them very well to the
extent of them being able to defend themselves any where and anytime.
This in no doubt explains the
fact that the lecturers are dedicated.
      Also, all students who study Mass Communication in the University, do go for industrial training in their three hundred level for six months. Industrial training enables students to learn more about their field of study and
develop more on themselves while still being trained to become a Journalist, Scriptwriter, editor and
so on. It also enables students
to become more creative and vasatile in Mass Communication.
      Lastly, most students who study Mass Communication in the University do go for excursions regularly. Excursions helps in
widening the knowledge of the students because, after they have gathered lot of information, it enables them to engage in activities
such as acting movies, organizing talk shows, writing novels
and so on. This definitely brings
out the best in them academically.
       In conclusion, Legacy University is no doubt the best choice for a prospective student who wants to study mass communication. This
is because its  standard of education  is compared to  none and has  zero tolerance for students who are not serious with
their academic pursuit.

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Number 2 B

Name: Okorie Justina Chiamaka
Legacy university of Okija


      Mass communication is generally regarded as channel of communication that are capable of reaching a heterogeneous audience simultaneously with uniform message.
       Mass communication educates, informs, entertains, socializes, mobilizes and advertises.
Legacy university Okija, though a new school has gone too far in studying or having branches of mass communication which we study like African communication system, History of mass media, introduction to mass communication (in 100 level, 1st semester)etc, and the lecturers in their best ways make it necessary for us to follow up and put their best in enabling us to know what Mass communication is all about by giving us topics to present in class there by helping us to be able to stand in front of the public to communicate which is part of our field of work (journalism). If you are a shy type, automatically, you get the braveness.
       My school (Legacy university of Okija) being in existence for four years is one of the school if not ‘only’ that got its courses accredited within a short period of time including Mass communication. Thereby making it the best amongst all in terms of education. Apart from it having such uniqueness, the school has made it possible for us to have a conducive environment for studies. No noise pollution due to where it’s located and it has a good motorable road.
      Legacy university of Okija is made up of qualified and serious lecturers who due to their grades and qualifications, have in one way or the other made the mass communicator students not to have ever regretted coming to Legacy university of Okija to study mass communication. The school has also endeavored to provide an academic library for students and affordable text books too for mass communication and other courses. The school has a radio station for practical works for those studying mass communication. It is also made up of WI-FI connection which helps in easy ways for browsing either our assignments or researches and so on. Though being a new school, it has its school newspaper which gives current news daily.
       To talk about the lecturers, I’m so proud of my H. O. D in charge of mass communication. I see him as one of the best lecturers Legacy university of Okija can provide in terms of teaching mass communication. The classes themselves are a very good forum for studying even if you don’t want to study in the academic library. You can feel so comfortable studying in the class. It has a cyber cafe where students can easily go and do their assignments. Studying mass communication in my school entails mostly with practical works as it is said, practice makes perfect and I believe that Legacy university of Okija will produce great and potential communicators in Nigeria and the world at large.
Apart from learning, we have times we create to show off our talents and its a great shock to see different sorts of talented students in Mass communication.
     Since I came to Legacy university of Okija to study mass communication, I’ve never regretted my coming. Come and see and testify to others.

Number 3 C

Ebubechukwu Nnaemeka

Legacy University, Okija


The discovery of communication marked a major turning point in the history of education. The spread of information has had a world changing effect.
         The study of Mass Communication is chiefly concerned with how the content of exchanging information persuades or otherwise affects the behavior, the attitude, opinion or emotion of the people receiving the information. To that effect, Legacy University Okija found it needful that it offers its students the opportunity to succeed in the discipline. In LUO, Mass Communication is an exceptional course which offers students the medium to disperse information at an accelerated rate. Also, the master of this media practice provides its students with skills, knowledge and insider tips to achieve success in a range of journalism and media production environment, this of which the school boasts of as a record.
       In a few lines, this essay will narrow down what a prospective student stand to gain studying Mass Communication in Legacy University, Okija.
         Firstly, the department of Mass Communication in LUO prepares you for a career across diverse range of media. You will develop expertise in written and production skills which will place you at the cutting edge of the field. The current students honored to be offering this course can attest to this as most have had major improvements in writing for media, broadcast, feature writing, media legal and ethical issues and going a step forward by bringing it to an acknowledged standard.
       Furthermore, a prospective student stands a chance of developing a sophisticated understanding of media industries, audiences and environment by utilizing the facilities in campus such as the functioning audio studio to complement his skills in production and practice. The student becomes familiar with industry standard equipment, gaining well rounded knowledge and experience.
        Moreover, enrolling for this course in LUO provides you the tools that will make you an agile and resilient professional wherever you may go. A key driver in being a successful professional in this discipline is the ability to adapt your content to the different platforms and industries you’re working with/for. The highly sort after lecturers in the department are properly educated and well ranked to help you achieve this. And keep in mind that their reputation is likely to follow you across borders.
       Most importantly, in spite of the various opportunities Legacy University, Okija would offer you as a student, it boils down to one vital thing. Commitment. Commitment means giving a piece of ourselves in what we do. Commitment is a process in which one can engage with other people, in which one can listen and learn from others, and thus widens their horizon. A student needs this to realize his goals.

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Number 4 D



Mass communication is a fast-paced and an exciting field with a wide range of career opportunities in areas like public relations, broadcasting, marketing, journalism and advertising. There are different knowledgeable examination to be carried out as a mass communication student, you will observe how media works and the impact it has on our society at large socially and culturally. The study of mass communication also includes the behavioral aspects and psychology of media messages. You tend to learn more about theories, history and criticisms surrounding mass media, from how mass media are used to disseminate news and entertainment to ways they are used to drive an economy.
        All this, my school Legacy University, Okija provides, they offers several options in the field of mass communication, it ensures an optimum combination of theory and practice which gives a winning edge to its mass communication students.
        Legacy University, Okija provides a variety of professional level facilities and equipment to create real and hands-on experience on routine coursework. There is a newly built studio in the campus which provides for students to master their skills. Let’s take a look at some skills you will learn in this course at Legacy University, Okija which is straight to the point. Mass communication in Legacy University Okija teaches about the various writing guidelines that will help you communicate your thoughts well.
         It is important that you communicate well in order to be successful in this field. Hence mass communication in Legacy University, Okija teaches you how to be good in oral and written communication. It gives students the confidence and the platform to speak on several topic in an articulate form. Improvement in public speaking which is an important part of journalism is an added advantage.
         Legacy University, in mass communication conducts various workshops to teach students how to report certain events. As a journalist, you will be sent to various places to cover events. These events could be on the spot or pre-planned, either way you have to be prepared to report it and legacy university makes you prepared at all times.
        Legacy University in mass communication will teach you to be resourceful and creative in solving problems, also help with your decision making by learning how to effectively take the right decisions while under pressure. These skills come in very handy in a field like Journalism where there is constant pressure to deliver news as fast as possible. At LUO, in mass communication course you will learn print and radio production also known as behind the scenes. You become aware of the delivery of newspapers monitored and organized, as well as how radio producers handle a show live on air.
        In conclusion, Legacy University is set to prepare mass communication students for the challenge of the outside world.

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Number 5 E

Francisca Okwudinigbo

Legacy University


 Mass communication is an exciting and fast-paced field with selection of career opportunities in areas like advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relation and marketing. This is to say that Mass Communication is not just a course  that consist of one career  opportunity but different  career opportunities. Mass Communication is also one of the relevant and professional course with open doors for a career in filmmaking, production and others.This is also to say that one who wants to study Theatre Art can also go for Mass Communication, which will enable him or her to learn different career as Mass Communication widens up the horizon of career option for a person.
   Today, many people are studying Mass Communication like me, I'm studying Mass Communication at   Legacy University Okija  in Anambra state, which is one among the best private universities in Nigeria to study Mass Communication.  The above assertion which I made was as a result of the  great privilege which have been bestowed on any student who takes his/ her academic status serious at the paramount to any other thing in this course of life. My School gives a winning edge to its Mass Communication students by ensuring an optimum combination of theory and practice. This is made possible by providing a variety of professional-level facilities and equipment to create real and hands on experience on top of routine course work. However, there is a studio in my school which caters for student photographers waiting  to hone their skills. My school has their own newspaper, a radio station, a library, a computer lab and a conducive class for learning.
    I find myself so lucky coming  to Legacy University to study Mass Communication because it is a school that bring the best out of their students. As a Mass Communication student, we  are always giving a topic to go and research on, for presentation which have enabled us to speak up in public without fidgeting. we write articles and many other  things which can facilitate our scope of knowledge in all ramifications of life. With the above  listed points, I oblige people  to come and study Mass  Communication in my school which will help them in  many aspect of their life. I will also advice any student that wants to study Mass Communication to register in Legacy University Okija. The school organizes a  programme for Mass Communication student which will give you the opportunity to work on projects that will prepare you for the real world and enable you work in diferent forms of media like working for magazine, a television network, a radio station, or a public relations company.  
   My school will provide you with a strong educational foundation and equip you with

fundamental soft skills for career success.
So i advice any student that want to study mass communication to come to my school.

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