Nnamdi Kanu boasted Of Destroying Nigeria, Is It Impossible, See Analysis. 

Nnamdi Kanu boasted “I Have Collapsed The Zoo” But this sounds like a mere bluff, a joke taken too far, an inflated expression of no consequence. Nigeria is a large economy of an enviable status, first in Africa and 24th in the Planet Earth. With an estimated GDP of $500b – $1trillion, she is a growing force in international market and an intimidating fellow at that. Allied by the powerful countries of the world, Nigerian unity is not only guaranteed, it is an unbreakable fortress, even wars cannot threaten it.

Assuming there are chances of collapsing a trillion dollar project (Nigeria), the supposed opposition will not only be above the spire in wealth and influence, they need to be “the God of destruction” themselves. Experts would agree that any budget that would cripple Nigeria would need to count in golds. But until now,


IPOB is an organisation operating from London, with less than 1,000 supervised officers under the instructions of a man, Nnamdi Kanu. With available statistics, it is worth little above $85,000/month. It’s primary source of income is through donations by affluent members and regular dues by registered (sworn) members. Compared with the might of Nigeria, this organisation can barely hurt a fly in its hardest blow.

Nnamdi Kanu is a popular name in Nigerian politics that evokes Biafran patriotism in some and an ungainly sigh in others. With his enviable following he equates what could be called “the black Napoleon”. Just like Napoleon Bonaparte he is loved and respected by a multitude. Some call him “messiah”. Quite like a Napoleon, his rusty temperament would always keep him in exile, at bay from politicians that fear his intelligence and ambition. This is because if he is allowed to gather his resources together, the Napoleon might have a chance to take ‘France a second time.

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The Nigerian Flag


is a phrase that labels the entire effort put in place to carve Biafra out from Nigeria spearheaded by IPOB. If this project has a chance to topple Nigeria it must be a very narrow one. On top of this, it needs to be operating with a master’s strategy Nigeria may boast of a trillion dollar GDP worth, unwavering international alliance, a blockaded parliament that would always favour ‘one Nigeria’. But all these cannot withstand a master shock. US National Intelligence Agency projected “there is the possibility of an outright collapse of Nigeria”. Admittedly, this prediction is quite some years old but it’s truth is not time bound. What if Nigeria was waiting for the right moment and the right strategy to explode peacefully ?

Since 1914, there have been 4 major incidents that have brought Nigeria to its knees with regards to its unity. The first was the civil war, the second was oil balkanisation by the Niger Delta militants, the third was Islamic terrorism and the facts and analysis will shock you.

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These four incidents are mortal in their blows because they targeted the four things that hold Nigeria together. The civil war was a coup on the Nigerian patriotism, oil balkanisation was a mortal blow to Nigeria’s vitality and sustainability, Islamic terrorism was the manifestation of the tribal and religious divides that Nigeria was born with.


is quite negligible, a dwarf project of about $85,000/month, barely the monthly pension of a retired senator in America. By all indications it is not counting in golds. Financially, it poses no threat to Nigeria. But there is a big question to ask outside the precincts of affairs of which money can finance, is there any hope for Nigeria ?

Nnamdi Kanu

Answering this question is discovering the facts and analysis bombshell that has rendered the Nigerian fortress defenceless. The hit point that would make the US National Intelligence Agency’s projection possible. The booster dose that would make the dwarf BIAFRAN BIDGET to count in golds. It is this same fact and analysis that makes “I HAVE COLLAPSED THE ZOO” a realistic epithet for the Biafran struggle, the only possible point were one can ask with sizzling fright: “CAN NNAMDI KANU DESTROY NIGERIA?”
Here is the answer.


More than two hundred years ago, a powerful general was sent to exile, a drastic punishment to keep him away from rising to power and the mildest form of total destruction for once an influential military strategist. Fearing that the general will grow powerful again, the ruling King sent a powerful fleet of soldiers behind him to bury what remained of him. But when this general saw what was before him, he descended his horse and coming before his ambush unarmed, he said.

The swords of the ambush literally fell from their hands. A surge of patriotism flushed through their veins and they couldn’t help bending the knee in allegiance to their former general. The story spread like wild fire and everyone who heard it wanted to join the train. Armed with an unsolicited army, Napoleon took France ‘a second time’.
The fact and analysis is always ruthless, relentless and irresistible. It buys you weapon without a penny, it brings you unsolicited admirers and defenders. It thrills your imagination in a way that makes you to say ” but this is not possible”.

No, it is possible, Everything is Possible


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