SOLUDO SOLUTION: The Spiderman Spirit For Modern Anambra


Prof. Chukwuma Soludo

Someone has queried why God created uncountable number of creatures, many of which, according to him, are useless to humanity. Nay, everything created by God is for the benefit of man. It’s Man’s world.

But God is never stupid. He’s not a time waster, either. All he created serve man different purposes – to keep the desired ecosystem of man, and also to teach him salient lessons of life.

The scriptures is replete with sound lessons from a number creatures, especially the tiniest and seemingly very useless ones. For example, how on earth would anyone find the spider and it’s nauseating cobweb useful? If in doubt ask some of our Christian brothers and sisters who spend useful night hour conducting deliverance from the cobwebs spirit!

But among four great creatures which God imbued with deep nuggets of wisdom is the spider!
” There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise: … The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.” Proverbs 30:24, 28

These arachnids, as biologists know them, are associated with numerous folklores in Africa and the Caribbeans, each case depicting wisdom character. Some parts of Ghana consider the spider as the wisest animal on earth. Ananse, also known as Anansi, Aunt Nancy, Anancy, Hapanzi, Nanzi, is a spider character who has become infectiously famous because of his insight, intelligence, and wisdom. According to Britannica, he is one of the most-important figures in the pantheon of cultural icons among West Africans. (

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The Spiderman – the modern children’s most ranking comic character – also derives its roles from the indomitable power of the spider.

Four principal virtues give the spider it’s unique potentials: intelligence, insight, courage and wisdom. With these, this creature conquers it’s environment despite its tiny, limpy feeble limbs.

Great men that have revolutionalised their societies share a lot in common with the spider. First, they have great wisdom. The good Book describes wisdom as the principal thing. King Solomon’s excellence in leadership, which drove great world leaders from far and near to come and admire, was the result of unequaled wisdom he got from God.

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Men of great wisdom have knowledge and courage, and are extremely intelligent. As a matter of fact, wisdom is the right application of knowledge. These men are solution givers to the world. But they are extremely scarce. In Igbo parlance, we say that mmadu di, ma mmadu di uko (i.e, people are in abundance but people are scarce).

Indeed, people are extremely scarce especially as we source for Chief Dr. Willy Obiano’s successor in ANAMBRA come 2021. Indeed, the office of the executive governor of a state like Anambra which boasts of many world class individuals must not be given to a me-too leader! We need a Solution man who will unlock the bountous potentials in Anambra and engage her numerous eggheads for the transformation of the state. In short, we need the Spidermans of this world in Anambra.

Good enough, Ndi Anambra have come to terms with this desired quality of the incoming chief executive officer in Agu-Awka. Little wonder majority and groups are begging Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo to contest and be the next governor of the state. His Soludo Solution is the Spiderman spirit that will give us the modern Anambra we have been clamouring for.

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A Soludo Solution, like the Spiderman that portrays selfless, honourable, heroic and sacrificial self-giving, is not deterred by the magnitude of the attendant challenges required to turn Anambra to African Dubai-Taiwan. Yes, it is a spirit that derides in facing daunting challenges for the good of humanity. Soludo Solution is that courageous mindset which, like Caleb in the Bible, would say: “give me this mountain for an inheritance”. It is bold, and as a first class LION would always roar in victory.

He has done it before, and the ovation from the gatekeepers of the world’s economy is still loud and reverberating. Indeed, Anambra 2021 facearnestly awaits the Spiderman spirit of the Soludo Solution.

Okey Emmanuel is a Public Affairs Analyst/Commentator

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