Nkanu rejects Ugwuanyi for 2nd term for false claims



The Nkanu Liberation Movement (NLM), rising from an emergency meeting held in Agbani, headquarters of Nkanu West LGA on December13, 2018, declare as follows:

1. That it is an insult on the sensibilities of the good people of Nkanu for Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi led government to state that it has pushed projects in Nkanu land into its 2nd phase of its developmental program. The big question is, where is the first phase?

2. That this government has grossly neglected NdiNkanu. A fast check shows that under former governor Sullivan Chime, local government chairmen built more roads than the government of Governor Ugwuanyi.  For instance, Chief Nwabueze Okafor of blessed memory built more than 15 kilometers of asphalt roads with drainages in Enugu South Local Government, a deed which earned him the enviable title of ‘Okpochangene’.

Hon Matthias Anike (Mario) built over 8 kilometers of asphalt roads with drainage in Enugu East Local Government, while Pastor Sam Iyiogwe, the then local government chairman of Nkanu East built over 5kilometers of asphalt roads from Amechi Idodo to Owo town. These roads are about 30 kilometers whereas in the whole of Nkanu land and Enugu East Senatorial zone, Gburugburu, has not done up to 3 kilometers;

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3. And we ask again, where is the first phase? Onewonders where the first phase started and ended that we now have a second phase;

4. That the only ongoing project in Nkanu land is a federal government project stretching from Ozalla Four-Corner to Onunweke,Ezzaegu in Ebonyi State;

 5. That the promise of remembering Nkanu people in its phase two of projects is what we refer to ‘nkwa ana ekwe nwanyi n’enu agodo’,the type of promise you give to a free woman while trying to get her to do your bidding. In other words, we can no more be fooled by these kinds of stories that usually arise during political campaigns;

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5. That the Government of Enugu State should forthwith, stop adding salt to injury by deploying Caterpillars and trucks to our roads under the pretext of initiating projects they don’t intend to complete. These Caterpillars simply exhume dust and destroy what is left of our terrible roads, aside the fact that they cause a lot of discomfort and dirt to our sons and daughters who return for Christmas, and create sicknesses. Then government has no genuine intention of building roads in Nkanu land;

6. Government is run with budgets and we have it onrecord that there is no budgetary projection for our roads in the 2018 budget.The time when our people are deceived with Caterpillars and trucks are gone.There is no genuine intention by the Enugu State Government to build our roads and we will not be deceived ever again;

7. The subtle threat that Nkanu people have no choice than to vote for this failed government a second time to secure their ticket in2023 is neither here nor there. Nkanu people are far more civilized and discerning to vote for inept leadership, spineless government and perfidious personalities;

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8. Be it known that the name ‘Gburugburu’ is tell-tale of the character of the governor who has been rigmaroling and going in circles in the past three years. He does not intend to change and has no plans to bring any form of development to Nkanu land. He must be shown the way out. Nkanu people are wiser now and will use their potent Permanent Voters Cards (PVC)when the 2019 elections come.


1. Chief Mark Ogbu (Agbani, Nkanu West)

2. Comrade Uzoesi Ngene (Ugbawka, Nkanu East)

3. Prince Vincent Nwannaji (Alulu, Enugu East)

4. Chief Ifeanyi Okonkwo-ede (Enugu North)

5. Hyacinth Maduabuchi (Enugu South)

6. Dr Hezekiah Nwanzi (Isiuzo)

What are your thoughts?

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