Recall that on the 25th of February 2023 an election was held to choose the new occupant of Aso Rock after 8 years of disastrous, inglorious and the most divisive government of Muhammad Buhari orchestrated and perpetrated by Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT). Tinubu controlled the government from his house and for the first time in the history of Nigeria we had one man occupying two or three ministerial positions in the person of Babatunde Fashola and the rest who were hand picked by Tinubu. Many ministers and key officers like Kemi Adeosun and Femi Gbajabiamila to name a few were Tinubu’s errand boys.

At that point it was clearly evident that Bola Ahmed Tinubu was out to rape Nigerian’s nascent democracy. The handwriting on the wall was clear but everybody and particularly the presidential candidates who are the key stakeholders looked the other way. The first remarkable step that something strange and disastrous was about to befall the good people of Nigeria started with the redeployment of Chidi Nwanu the author of the BIVAS from his office as the chief technical officer at the INEC headquarters to the position of an under secretary at INEC Enugu. We and most of the social media practitioners raised alarm but Nigerians were too busy to listen. Like Chidi Nwanu like Arret Adams of NNPC:

Then came the Muslim/Muslim ticket and the scandalous fake bishops to legitimise it. Yet again Tinubu was able to force this scandalous outrage down the throat of Nigerians. Soon after it was business as usual, nothing happened and usual no one said anything meaningful. Even the Catholic Bishops and CAN were lukewarm and showed no serious interest. Nigerians pretended to be ignorant that we are dealing with a very desperate man who has no conscience and will stop at nothing to actualise his ambition. Now came the election campaign and Tinubu did not offer any interview nor accepted debate from any of the opponents. Tinubu dictated the pace and everyone followed rather sheepishly or willy-nilly.

Now came the election proper. It is no longer news that while the whole country was busy spending sleepless nights someone from the comfort of his living room was writing the election result. Nigerians were desperate for a change. They were tired of the killings and agony that marred the 8 years rule of Muhammad Buhari. Under Buhari insecurity was at red alert and Nigerians could hardly sleep with their two eyes closed. About 90 per cent of Nigerians could not afford three square meals a day. Hunger and starvation was biting hard on Nigerians and everyone looked exhausted. The youths had been at home for months owing to the strike by university teachers and tertiary education was suffering near extinction. Nigerians were dejected and grossly disappointed at the events preceding the election and therefore felt that change was inevitable. The election was sort of a carnival. Nigerians slept at the pooling booth to see it to the end. The youths who are the actual heroes of the election stood their ground and at last the evil called APC was overwhelmingly sent packing. APC was voted out.

Then the shenanigans came on stage when it was clear that the desired change had come. The powers that be activated the machinery of rigging and election manipulation and BIVAS stopped running. What was supposed to be a new dimension in the chaos and anarchy that is the tradition of election in Nigerian election was staled. The almighty technological revolution of electronic transmission of election through BIVAS stopped functioning after it had successfully transmitted the election of the senate and the house of parliament. Consider also that it was tested and confirmed OK during the Osun State election. Nigerians were terrified and the social media went agog and the demystification of Mahmood’s tyrannical mystery was prompt and alarming. Sooner or later results of the presidential election were flying over the social media. At the collation centre the situation was more bizarre as Mahmood determined to do the bidding of his paymaster never cared about the sentiments and opinion of the suffering masses and party agents. Mahmood went ahead to announce the result of his election that has no relationship with the real election result. There was collusion between PDP and Mahmood to the point that PDP’s spokesperson Senator Dino Melaye issued a press briefing and staged a walkout from the collation centre. Mahmud never cared and continued with the reading of his result and Few days later in the middle of the night while Nigerians were fast asleep Mahmood red the final result sheet handed down to him by the errand boys of the paymaster and subsequently proclaimed Bola Ahmed Tinubu the president elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The burble had busted and all hell was let loose.


Nigerians woke up in the morning and to their greatest astonishment they came to the realisation that the inevitable had happened. INEC had forced their paymaster on them. To the chagrin of the whole world Bola Ahmed Tinubu had been announced the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. The atmosphere was tensed, nerves were charged and hot. Nigerians and especially the OBIDIENT movement were in disarray but ready to reclaim the mandate they suffered so hard to win. The labour party was absent and Peter Obi disappeared abandoning his leadership role. The chairman of INEC Prof Mahmood Yakubu who had squandered about 4 billion of tax payers money charged everyone that is displeased with his actions to go to court, Mahmood had turned a demi god and virtually can do or say anything and get away with it. That explained why after such chaotic performance and colossal failure Mahmood Yakubu who is still presiding the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC. It might be wrong to call INC dependent national election commission or whatever.

In all these Peter Gregory Obi whom Nigerians had entrusted with leadership was neither seen nor heard. That single action threw Nigerians into turmoil. IMAGINE WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF PETER OBI IMMEDIATELY REJECTED THE RSULT OF THE ELECTION AND STOOD HIS GROUND AFTER THE DECLARATION BY MAHMOOD. OBVIOUSLY TODAY THE SITUATION COULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT AND SURE, AS FAITH TINUBU COULD NOT HAVE INHABITED ASO ROCK. Looks like that is the habit of Nigerian leaders, remember Moshood Abiola who ran to UK while the whole country was clamouring for his reinstatement. Somewhere from the blues Datti rose up to the challenge and filled the vacuum rendering the desired leadership that was lacking at the moment. Dr Datti Baba-Ahmed became quiet after a short while. Sure as faith someone must have talked Datti into silence and he entered into hush.

Suddenly, after few weeks my leader who is our leader Peter Gregory Obi appeared to address Nigerians and the world alt large. It could have been better that Peter remained silence because he could not have manifested his weakness. Different meaning could have been read into his silence and therefore kept the opponents at check. Nigerian most desired and acclaimed leader Peter Gregory Obi guffed. Peter told Nigerian under sobriety that Prof Mahmood Yakubu had ordered him to go to court and that he has decided to oblige and go to court. Unfortunately Peter Gregory Obi did not understand how powerful he is or the magnitude of the movement and that nobody could have ever dared to arrest him as his arrest could have led to the end of our dearly beloved country. It is clearly evident from the evidences that Peter Obi did not have the right people around him or was fed with the wrong information. Subsequently, the simulated news of a plot to arrest Peter Obi was the front-page news of all the national dailies. The likes of Festus Keyamo was doing what he knows how to do best. Peter Gregory Obi was terrified and consequently, assumed inadvertently the position of the prince of peace. Peter will readily tell whoever cares at every outing that he has chosen the course of justice and that all must be obedient to the law. At that point the hurly-burly was done. The battle was lost and won, as Tinubu’s camp understood that their mobbing and intimidation tactics had paid off. The monotonous news from the Labour and Obidient camp was that there is plan underway to arrest Peter Obi for treason. The one million dollar question is, how does Peter Obi expect to liberate Nigeria if he is afraid of going to prison.


Permit me to tell Peter Gregory Obi, The Labour party and the Obidient camp for free, that there is nowhere on earth where freedom is free. Freedom has to be fought for and conquered by the interested people. Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit. At a point Atiku Abubaka took the centre stage and fought alone to the far away CSU in USA. In his religious obedience to the instructions of the powers that be, Peter Gregory Obi assembled some of the finest lawyers in Nigeria and filed a suit at the PEPT. Unfortunately the court and especially Nigerian court is not only about arguing a suit in court but more especially about the politics of the court and deception. In Nigeria the judges are morally barren. Honour and dignity has been expunged from the lexicon of the Nigerian judges. Peter Obi forgot that he wasn’t going to court against Chris Ngige or the Anambra State house of assembly rather he was going to court against Bola Ahmed Tinubu and desperados like Festus Keyamo who will stop at nothing to remain relevant.

All of us witnessed the show of shame at the kangaroo court where the five learned judges who sold shame at wuse market told the world that even Abuja does not posses the qualities of a capital territory. However these most learned gentlemen did not tell us who is the governor of Abuja. The also did not tell us where is the capital of Abuja. Probably they learned gentlemen of the bench forgot that Abuja has only one senator and two parliamentarian. They also forgot that Tinubu appointed Nyeson Nwike who is a minister and he is from River State. What a travesty of justice. Learned Justice Okoro told us that because the declaration from CSU disclaiming the certificate that Bola Tinubu presented to INEC came late therefore Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not forge his certificate. They judges forgot to mention in their doctored judgement the forfeiture of 460 thousand US dollars by Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu. All these documents are at the public domain. Justice Okoro told us that because Atiku did not provide an alternative result sheet he must swallow the result announced by INEC. What are the measures and resources the government made available to the candidates to provide alternative results from INEC. What justice Okoro failed to tell Nigerians was why Mahmood Yusuf wasted 40 billion of taxpayer’s money for and why? The minimum expected from the judges could have been the annulment of the cacophonic election but when it comes to proving that Nigeria is an animal kingdom the Nigerian judiciary are as always readily available. Except these judges are hollow in their brain they should know that they do not worth anything even before agberos.

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Very strange that Peter Gregory Obi believed that the same judges that made Hope Uzodimma governor and returned Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan to the senate would restore his mandate. Except if Peter has lost his sense also he should have known that these judges are not more honourable than the police collecting 100 naira each from the transporters. Nigerian judges are for the highest bidder. The Nigerian judiciary is not the last hope of the common man but their lost hope and the last grave of the common man.

It will be pertinent to remind Peter Gregory Obi of an episode that occurred during his election campaign. This episode is very significant because it has come to full manifestation. During one of those town hall meetings Okey Bakassi the Hollywood actor had told Peter that the problem is not voting for him but that in Nigeria votes don’t count. Okey asked Peter what will happen in the event that after voting for him the powers that be declare the votes invalid. Peter Obi smiling replied Okey Bakassi that Nigerians should vote for them first and if the stole their mandate they will use all the means at their disposal to compel them to return their mandate. It is no longer news that the executive has hijacked the judiciary and that the legislature has been compromised. The press whose sole responsibility and duty it is to act as the watch dog in a democratic setup have been intimidated into submission to the point that if anyone make a statement in any of the televisions broadcast or top shows the presenter will promptly compel the guest to own up the statement and dissociate the news media from the statement. That is how bad it is in our dearly beloved nation because of the ambition of one man. The system and institutions have been bastardized not to talk of the hardship offloaded on the long-suffering nation by the non-friendly economic policies of these oversofeited hypocrites.

Nigerians therefore has to take their destiny in their hands. There could be no other viable alternative than to resist this democratic dictatorship. It was Williams Shakespeare that said that, cowards die many time before their death but the valiant only test of death but once. We can’t afford another emperor in Nigeria. We can no longer seat and watch Nigeria drift to a point of no return once said the great Zik of Africa. History will not forgive us for such a wilful sin of omission. Once beaten twice shy. Nigerians must say no to another Abacha era

Based on all I have adumbrated above, I hereby on behalf of Ndigbo Royal Heritage (NIROH Worldwide) formally reject in its entirety the presidential election held on the 25 of February 2023, the judgement of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) as well as the judgement of the supreme court of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

As a matter of urgency and last resort Peter Obi must not hesitate to join forces with Atiku Abubakar and all other progressive forces to launch a resistance before Nigeria is terminally doomed. This is not the time for demagogy and ideology, the priority must be the salvation of Nigeria and all who still love this country must come together to forge a common front to stop the incursion of Tinubu. We really do not have much time at our disposal.

Finally I reaffirm my faith in the federal Republic of Nigeria.
May God save us.

Dr Paul Okoye
PG NIROH Worldwide

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