New Canons and Archdeacons Collated in Amichi


Three Canons and two Archdeacons have been collated in the Anglican Diocese of Amichi.

The colourful service which took place recently at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi saw Ven. Samuel Chijioke Omuka and Ven. Godson Ugochukwu collated as Archdeacons while Rev’d. Canon Chukwunonso Okafor, Rev’d. Canon. Nnamdi Unozo and Rev’d. Canon Isaiah Chubikem collates as Canons of the Cathedral.

In his sermon at the occasion, the Bishop, Rt. Rev’d. Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor  challenged the clergymen to do all things within their powers to restore the dignity of priesthood that is fast ebbing out.

According to Bishop Ikeakor, “In times past, when a priest visits his members, it was always celebrated for a very long while but today, members hide away from their priests. In those days, when a Bishop comes for confirmation and touches or shakes the hands of the people, they may never wash those hands for days to come. Today, is it the same thing?”

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In his sermon titled challenges facing the 21st century priests, Bishop Ikeakor challenged clergymen to hold the mystery of the Christian faith with pure conscience. He condemned the attitude of some clergymen who take advantage of their closeness with the Bishop to destroy other clergymen. He said that clergymen should not preach sermons they are not ready to live by describing such as deceit and hypocrisy.

Bishop Ikeakor identified 4 challenges confronting the 21st century priests to include the challenge of restoring the integrity and dignity of the Anglican priesthood, the challenge of restoring true Christian doctrine, the challenge of restoring the teaching ministry of the priesthood and the challenge of raising disciples in the church.

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“Apostle Philip was an uneducated and an unexposed disciple of Jesus Christ yet he was able to engage the Ethiopian Eunuch and bring him to Christ. But today we have educated priests who make no impacts in their ministry. Not everybody in cassock is a child of God. After all, the sons of Eli were also priests.”

“In every generation, God never relied on or used the multitude to pursue His agenda. His demand is a ruggedly faithful man or woman who will damn the consequences of the world’s rejection and deprivation to stand with God and fulfil God’s mandate.”

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